Build a Lego Skier

Introduction: Build a Lego Skier

Legos Needed

6 red 2x2 Bricks
3 white 2x2 Bricks
1 yellow 2x2 Brick
1 black 2x2 Platform
1 white 2x8 Brick
2 white 1x8 Bricks

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Step 1: Build the Head

1.)   Place the black 2x2 platform on top of the yellow 2x2 brick.
2.)   Place the black and yellow brick assembly on top of a red 2x2 brick.

Step 2: Add the Arms

3.)   Place the head on the middle of the white 2x8 brick. This is the head-arm assembly.

Step 3: Build the Body

4.)   Place a red 2x2 brick on top of a white 2x2 brick.

Step 4: Attach the Body

5.)   Attach the Body Assembly directly underneath the head-arm assembly as shown in the picture.

Step 5: Build the Legs

6.)   Place a white 2x2 brick on top of a red 2x2 brick.
7.)   Then place a red 2x2 brick on top of the white 2x2 brick. This creates one leg.

You will need to make 2 of these

Step 6: Attach the Legs to the Body

8.)   Attach the 2 leg assemblies to the body as shown in the picture.

Step 7: Attach the Body to the Arms

9.)   Attach the body-Leg assembly to the bottom of the Head-Arm assembly as shown in the picture.

Step 8: Attach the Skis

10.)   Attach one white 1x8 brick to the outside of each leg as shown.

Step 9: Done

You now have a complete Lego Skier.

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