Build a Magazine Rack

Introduction: Build a Magazine Rack

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Build a magazine rack, this is a simple woodworking project

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Step 1: The Up Rights

I started this project out by building the two uprights of the stand first.

My choice of material for this was 3/4 inch thick Oak.

First I drew my pattern out using the rough measurements found here,

Step 2:

I then cut my pattern out on the band saw. ( Remember do not cut on your line, cut to the outside of your line. )

Step 3:

With my pattern cut out I used my Oscillating Spindle Sander to do the final shaping.

Step 4:

I wanted to make sure all of the lines were nice and crisp, because my plan was to use this side as a template to create the other side of the stand so that they would be identical.

Step 5:

I then tracing it out and followed the same steps used to create the first up right.

Cutting the pattern out with the band saw and then cleaning it up using my Oscillating Spindle Sander.

This gave me both of my up rights for the stand.

Step 6:

Looking at a picture of the finished project, the stand has a handle to the top of it. I used one inch diameter Oak dowel for this. Both up rights needed to have a one inch diameter recess drilled with a forstner bit to accept this handle at final assembly.

Step 7:

To drill the recesses for the handle I lowered my drill press down making contact with the up right where I needed to drill the recess at.I then clamped down a scrap board to my drill press table snugly against each side of the upright, creating a cradle that allowed me to drill both up rights in the same location ensuring they would be square to each other.

Step 8:

It was then matter of working on the final profile of both up rights. What I wanted to do was round over all of the edges, not knock down the corners or round the edges over I wanted to completely round over all of the edges. And I did this using a combination of a spoke shave, a rasp and sandpaper.

Step 9: The Tray

For the tray part of this stand I used 1/2 inch Oak

I first cut my piece of stock to 7 1/2 inches wide at my table saw, then using my cross cut sled I cut two pieces at a length of 12 inches.

Step 10:

On one 12 inch end of both boards I cut a 30 degree taper at the table saw.

Step 11:

And the two halves where then glued together like this to create the tray for the stand. I only used glue for this joint.

Step 12: Installing the Tray Brackets

To find the positions for the tray brackets the easiest way I found was to do a dry assembly of the magazine stand.

Installing the handle, I then placing the tray in between the up rights approximately where I felt it should be and used a clamp from the outside of one up right to the outside of the other to apply enough pressure to hold the stand together. At this point I took my time measuring and moving the tray around until it was positioned where I thought it looked right.

Step 13:

With the tray positioned I tightened the clamp preventing it from moving and placed the stand on it's side to install the brackets for the tray.

To place the stand on it's side I opened my end vise wide enough for the clamp holding the stand together to fit through and allow me to balance the stand securely.

Step 14:

The tray brackets are pointed to by the red arrows.

I used oak for these a 1/2 inch by a 1/2 inch square, cutting them just long to stay with in the area of the back side of the legs. I did round the ends of them over for a added detail.

I just attached them to the up rights using glue and a couple of brad nails to hold them in place until the glue dried.

Step 15: Assembly and Finish

With the brackets now attached to except the tray I pulled the stand apart and did the final assembly.

Applying glue to both ends of the handle, also on the brackets were the tray will make contact and the up rights in the same area. I also used brad nails to connect the tray to the brackets.

Step 16:

With the glue dry I applied the finish and for that I used Armor seal wipe on satin finish.

Step 17:

This was a really simple project and a lot of fun to build. I hope you have as much fun building this as I did and if you have any thoughts or question please feel free to email me :

And remember,.... get out in your shop and build something awesome !!

Step 18:

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    3 years ago

    I know it is more work tha n it looks but you make this look so easy. I will try this soon.


    3 years ago

    Beautiful work!


    3 years ago

    Really great little project. Well documented too! Top job. Thanks!