Build a Mini-Walking Bot




Introduction: Build a Mini-Walking Bot

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Here's a simple project for sci-tech families. A Mini Walking Bot using a some ROBOTIX parts, PICXAXE microcontroller,and a Handy Cricket

Step 1: Building the Mini-Walking Bot. Here Are the Parts for Building the Bot

ROBOTIX parts for Mini Walking Robot (L) Elbow connectors, Wheel Foot(s), Arms (75mm), 2 Legged Walker, Drive Axle, and Low Speed Motor

Step 2: Attach the Drive Axle to the Low Speed Motor Shaft.

Attaching the Drive Axle to the Low Speed Motor

Step 3: Place the Low Speed Motor/Drive Axle on Top of the 2 Legged Walker

Attaching the Low Speed Motor/Drive Axle to the 2 Legged Walker

Step 4: Attach Elbow Connectors and Wheel Foots to (2) Arms

Building the Mini Walking Bot’s Back Legs

Step 5: Attach the Left Leg Part to the 2 Legged Walker

Attaching the left leg part to the 2 Legged Walker

Step 6: Attach the Right Leg Part to the 2 Legged Walker

Attaching the right leg part to the 2 Legged Walker

Step 7: Here’s the Final Assembled Mini-Walking Bot!

The completed Mini-Waking Bot!

Step 8: Build the Distributive Controller Using a PICAXE and a Handy Cricket

Step 9: The Mini-Waking Bot Distributive Controller (DC) Built Using a Radio Shack Electronics Learning Lab

Step 10: Attaching the DC to the Mini-Walking Bot Using the Power Cord



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    Nice project but my eye focused in the control panel with the breadboard u have. WOW!!! Where u get this stuff? I want it!!! PLZ tell me some details about

    3 replies

    Thanks for the review science_geek1. Sorry for the lack of further detail instruction: first time using the website. MrDon219

    You can find a video of this project on my blog:<>


    I'm working a small video clip that I will post on TeacherTube (like You Tube but for educators). I should have it available next week.

    This project was designed to study the gaits of a table top walking bot. An arm can easily be added to this bot using additional parts from the ROBOTIX construction kits.

    With the appropriate mechanical parts like gears and plastic fab pieces, its very possible to be such a walking bot from scratch. The ROBOTIX kit allows for quick prototying of bots.

    Hey can you post a video of this in action? It looks to be great but a video is worth 36,000 words!

    The Mini-Walking Bot is controlled using 2 small microcontroller devices: PICAXE microcontroller, and a Handy Cricket