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Introduction: Build a Necron Tomb Stalker

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For all we know, there are no Necron Titans in the Warhammer 40K world. A little bit ago, a really observant person noticed in a book there was a mention of a great Necron Titan, the Tomb Stalker. There is only ONE concept drawing on the internet, so I had to go off that. So, my fellow Necrons, I want to tell you how to make such a wonderful model, complete with stats. 

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Step 1: Gathering Materials

I am a fanatic about cardboard. You can do wonderful things with cardboard. So, you will need:

•  Cardboard 
• Hot Glue
• Paint (Lots of paint) 
• Too much time on your hands

Step 2: Prepping Materials

Pull all the tape of your cardboard boxes. Also pull off anything else that would make it hard to paint. 

Grab a Exacto knife and some scissors. 

Step 3: Making Patterns

Patterns are one of the most important things in the project, since you will be very repetitive. 

 Cut a pattern 1 ft by 6 in and cut the corners off ( about an inch in) to make a rectangle with 8 sides. 

Upper Leg
 Cut a pattern square with the diagonal length the same as the width of your legs. Then, from one corner, go in 2 inches, and cut that corner off. That edge will connect to the leg. 

Joint Shields
 Here, you cut a hexagon with 1 inch sides. Cut one side in more so you have a dominant side. This side goes "up". It connects to the bottom of the Upper Leg. 

Leg Shields 
 This part is easy. Just cut a trapezoid that will fit within your leg, and it will be placed in the middle. 

  Grab a large box, about 1 ft by 2.5 ft, and from the top, go in 3 inches, and draw a line down to the bottom corner. Do this on the other side. Do this on the other sides touching the ones you drew, and then cut out the triangles. It will make an angle, kind of like a pyramid. Leave the back alone, since that will be flat. 

Back Spines
  Cut 4 strips 2 inches by 5 inches. Fold the center inch in a semicircle so it is a curve. Add a small inch by inch trapezoid at the top of each spine. Make 8 small triangles of any small size to put diagonally against the spines. 

  Put a roof on your beast that fits your parameters. From the front, go in three inches, and make a fold. This will be a roof door, so you can access stuff from the top. 

  Make the head lie a Tomb Spyder, but more blocky. Kind of like a sided oval. 

  Make two different arms, however you like. Be creative. 

Head Shields 
  These hold the head on. Just two rectangles cut down one side. Can be different depending on how you like it. 

Particle Accelerator 
  The only weapon shown, just make three small triangles. 

Step 4: Painting

Step One:

Paint a basic coat, one color. I recommend spray paint.

Step Two:

Add specific details, like hieroglyphics and symbols. Also paint along dominant lines.

Step 5: Stats and Playing

Yay! You finished! Here are the stats so you can scare your friends:

Tomb Stalker - 750pts
Scarabs are simply things, thought of as drones and insects and bugs in the Necron army. Produced by Tomb Spyders, they are diminuitive and easily produced on field.
Tomb Spyders are thought of as the largest non-Tank class Necron on the field. They repair the tombs and the denizens of such tombs. They are giant and powerful, but die easily. But what produces them? Tomb Spyders are not the highest on the food chain. That honour falls to the Tomb Stalker,
The one who PRODUCES the Tomb Spyders...

STATS: WS 10, BS 14, Front 20, Side 22, Rear 22, S 12, I 1, A 6
CREW: NONE, or a small team, although Crew Stunned does not affect this.
TRANSPORT: Special (Monolith)

EQUIPMENT/WEAPONS/OPTIONS: The Tomb Stalker automatically comes with a total of 2 Titan Close Combat Weapons. These are NOT included in the profile, due to options available. They also mount a Tractor Cannon in their 'mouths', which is directed to the front of the stalker. They also have the following options:- May choose to purchase 2 of the following: Particle Accelerator (FREE), Spyder Tomb (+50pts)
- May choose to replace one/both Titan Close Combat Weapon(s) with a Gauss Flux Arc (-10pts each). These do, however, each affect all ene my units within 30" (In a frontal arc).- May also replace the Tractor Cannon for a Gauss Anihillator (see below) for +100pts.

(Both have 48" range)Gauss Anihillator (Particle) - Strength D, AP 2 - Ordnance D3, Blast/Barrage Particle Weapon
Gauss Anihillator (Beam) - Strength 9, AP 3 - Apocalypse Barrage (3)*, Blast, Melta
(36" range)
Tractor Cannon (Wave) - Strength D6, AP D6+2 (7 or more = -) - Heavy D6 per unit within range, Pinning, Tractor Cannon
Tractor Cannon (Pulse) - Strength 2D6 (10 or more = auto wound), AP D6 - Heavy 2D6, Pinning, Tractor Cannon

SPECIAL RULES: Necrodermis, Necron (yes, it gets WBB), Super Heavy Walker
TRACTOR CANNON ('The Web'): Models hit by this are immediately moved 2D6 either directly toward or away from the Tomb Stalker. Should an enemy moved by this effect assault or be assaulted by the Tomb Stalker in that or the immediate next turn, the Tomb Stalker counts as Initiative 10 (as the target becomes disorientated by the disorientating experience)
PARTICLE WEAPON: See Soulreaper (See Apocalypse board) for details
SPYDER TOMB: Tomb Spyders and their generated Scarab Swarms within 12 inches of the Tomb Stalker count as Necrons for the purpose of Phase Out and We'll Be Back as well. In addition, Tomb Spyders may enter play from the Tomb Stalker (however, this is as if they had deep striked - they may not assault or move on the turn they enter play, and they may not generate Scarab Swarms)
LIVING METAL: Follow rules described for Monolith.

(*: Models under the center of the central blast hole, whether Gargantuan Creatures, Super Heavy, or otherwise are instantly destroyed unless they pass a single Invulnerable Save for every wound they would have taken) 

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    15 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    dude your rules are ridiculously overpowered... like, mat ward writing a CODEX ultramarines character


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I guess this ible is pointless if Forgeworld has released an official model that looks WAY cooler. Oh well. Mine is larger...hehe...


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Nah, I think you did a great DIY. I like it. I think it would possibly be better in sheet plastic.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    hey i went to forgeworld, and just got some really good refenence pics for the tomb stalker.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Experimental Rules Posted from aka much more acceptable:


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, I realize that, so thank you.

    EVERYBODY- you can ignore this instructable and buy one on Forgeworld now. But if you want to be cool, just make your own. Plus, the rules on Forgeworld are WAY more reasonable.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I believe these are in thew dawn of war game.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    nice work, but I think you could continue with it. For instance, improve the detail on the underside/head and add another joint and lower segment to the legs. The stats are way too rediculous, and they don't follow the general "Max 10" rule. Just make it armor 14 all around, give it all the monolith special rules except for the deepstrike bit, and maybe add some other weaponry in place of this tractor cannon.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, I play Warhammer 40K tabletop and I play Necrons either. It looks like a fusion of a tomb spyder and the monolith lol. Why don't use the heavy gauss blaster as the weapon?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is for the Warhammer 40K game, in case you didn't catch that.