Build a Potato Box Using Pallets & Scrap Wood




Introduction: Build a Potato Box Using Pallets & Scrap Wood

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Potatoes can use up a lot of space in the garden. We almost always have an abundance of old pallets kicking around, so I decided to repurpose some of them. This is a wonderful space saver and if done correctly, can yield about 100lbs of potatoes.

Step 1:

Remove all of the boards leaving only the frame of the pallet. On the inside, nail four 2x4's (I used 2x2's but 2x4's will be stronger) this will give you a place to nail the boards that you removed from the pallet. You will need to dismantle 2 - 4 pallets depending on the condition of the wood.

Step 2: Fill With Manure, Compost, Dirt and Seed Potatoes

Fill with a layer of manure, composted soil, dirt and some seed potatoes. 12 - 16 seed potatoes should give you a good yield.

Step 3: Add More Boards and Soil.

As the potatoes grow, add a few boards to the box and cover the rising plants with more manure, compost and dirt. Continue to do this until the box has been completely built.

If you use screws instead of nails you can unscrew some of the bottom boards and collect an early potato harvest.



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    11 Discussions

    So when you are creating the base, are you leaving it open at the bottom and just leaving the frame pieces down there? You are not adding any boards at the bottom? Thanks for your help! I love this :)

    3 replies

    I didn't add any boards at the bottom. I did however, put a few rocks at the bottom for drainage.

    Very nice! The pictures look like they are in a shady spot. Is that all day or just when you took the pictures?

    2 replies

    It's pretty shady most of the day. They get a lot of light but are protected from the harsh midday sun. I find I don't need to water them as much this way either.

    I definitely like the low maintenance approach, but do you sacrifice some of the yield of the plant?

    I didn't know that you bury potato plants as they grow. Thank you for sharing! Great job on your first Instructable.

    1 reply