Build a Psy-Wheel and Learn Telekinesis! (sort Of)

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Did you know that we only use 10% of our brains? In this Instructable, I will teach you how to discover the untapped power of your subconscious mind, the other 90%, by building a simple device that can demonstrate it!

...Yup, that's what I would tell you, if I believed in Telekinesis - the power to move objects by a mental act of will. Or if I was a con artist.

All kidding aside, this Instructable will show you how to build a "psi wheel," which is basically a tiny, low-friction paper wheel. If someone places their hands around the psi wheel, it will move without any apparent cause. People who believe they have telekinetic powers will tell you that this is how they first developed their talents. But is there really anything special about this act? Is there any other-worldly power involved? Personally, I don't think so - but you don't have to take my word for it. Build the psi wheel, preform the experiments and see for yourself!

Note: I uploaded this because I thought it was an interesting thing to make and understand. While you can probably tell from the above snark/humor that I don't believe in telekinesis, I don't wish to offend anyone, and I recognize that there are other tricks that believers in telekinesis use to verify their powers; in fairness, my conclusions about this project has no bearing on them.

Also note: you'll often hear the above "ten percent of our brains" thing when someone is attempting to justify "psychic powers." For the sake of clarity I will say here that it's not true. While we don't use all of our brain at one time - we use different parts of it for different activities - by the end of the day, we have used each and every part more than once.

(I would like to thank Keith Mayes for putting the information about his psi wheel experiments on the Internet; they were the main source of information behind this Instructable. To visit his page on telekinesis, click here: )

Step 1: Materials

Here is what you will need to make the wheel:

Some aluminum foil or paper to make the wheel itself (foil, for the record, is somewhat easier to turn).
A sewing needle.
An eraser.
A pair of scissors.
A ruler.
A quartz crystal - strapping it to your forehead will amplify the quantum vibrations resonating within your aura (wink-wink-chuckle-chuckle).

Step 2: Prepare the Wheel's Base

For this, simply stick the sewing needle perpendicularly through the middle of the eraser.

Step 3: Prepare the Wheel Itself

Cut out a 2 inch square of either paper or tin foil and fold it (tin foil is somewhat easier to turn). Make folds from corner to corner and from middle to middle, as shown in the pictures. The folds shown in red are folded  with the crease down, while those in blue will be folded with the crease up. You should end up with a four-pointed star shape.

The last image shows instructions made by someone else just in case the picture wasn't entirely clear. 

Step 4: Finish the Wheel and Test Your Abilities!

Just put the paper star on top of the needle to finish the psi wheel.

Now, to utilize you "power" for the first time, wait for the wheel to lay still and place your hands around the it in a semicircular shape. If it doesn't begin to move, experiment with different hand positions. You will find that the position of your hands is very critical in making the wheel work. It also helps if you are in a cold room, for reasons I will explain later.

If you do it right, then with some practice you should be able to make the wheel accelerate, then slow down to a stop, and then accelerate again in the opposite direction. It may take some time before you get it right.

Congratulations, you have just rediscovered a long-lost power! You will soon be ready to do battle against Voldemort! 

Step 5: Scientifically Test a Pseudoscientific Claim

Before you enroll in a Defense Against the Dark Arts class, I feel that I need to warn you of something: there is a very strong possibility that the wheel's motion isn't actually due to psychic power. And, besides, you wouldn't be able to take on the Dark Lord with a paper wheel anyway.  ;)

Before we jump to unsubstantiated conclusions, let's think about what else could cause the motion. Is it possible that your hands are making the air around the wheel hot, and that causes the air to move to a cooler place, turning the wheel in the process? It seems reasonable. Consider the following:

*Believers in telekinesis say that a decent period of meditation is necessary to focus your energy before turning the wheel.  But you were capable of doing it without any meditation at all. This either means that you are the most powerful psychic on Earth , or that psychic power has nothing to do with it.
*Air naturally moves from a system of high pressure to a system of low pressure; it keeps moving until the pressure in the two systems is equal. Since hot air expands, this means that hot air is higher in pressure than cold air. If your hands are high enough above room temperature, maybe the pressure difference would be enough to move the psi-wheel as the hot air from your hands tries to reach equilibrium with the room.
*The fact that being in a colder room helps the effect implies a thermal component. (Being in a room with colder air means a larger difference between the hot air of your hands and room temperature; and a larger difference is what causes the motion.
*The fact that the position of your hands influences the speed and direction of the wheel would imply that the energy moving it isn't from your mind, but from your hands (though, I suppose it could be energy from your mind that moves through your hands)

Step 6: Scientifically Test a Pseudoscientific Claim (part 2)

To actually prove that telekinesis is not required to move the psi wheel, preform the following experiment: place six mugs in a semicircle around the wheel and fill them with boiling water from a tea kettle. The wheel should turn much faster than it did while using your hands!

Another good experiment to try is to use your hands with the wheel as before, but this time ask a friend to place his or her hands on top of yours in the same way. This will double the heat, making it move faster than you could make it on your own.

Step 7: Conclusion and Disclaimer

Today, we've shown that it doesn't take a Tibetan monk to move the psi wheel. We've shown that the same results that "experts" in telekinesis get, we could get without using any sort of mumbo-jumbo. But in the defense of the believers, that doesn't definitely prove that telekinesis doesn't exist. It does mean, however, that telekinesis has little to do with this particular activity. If we can explain the psi wheel without telekinesis, there is no good reason, other than blind faith, to believe that there is a psychic mechanism behind it.

Thank you for your lending me your time. Please comment...
...And may the Force be with you!



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Many years ago, in my teens, I bought a book called "The Power of Miracle Metaphysics" from the cheap book shop. In it were a couple of ways of 'proving' the existence of these metaphysical powers.

    One of these was to watch a small cloud in the sky and concentrate on trying to disperse it - It worked.  It didn't take me long to realise that clouds did this anyway - psychic powers or not.

    Another 'proof' was to turn the volume up on an amplifier with no signal input and you would be able to hear the 'noise of other worlds' or some such.  I heard the BBC Radio 4 cricket commentary.


    3 years ago

    Hi my name's Maro. Why would you "Kid" about Believing in telekinesis? I believe there is a Possibility that We use 10% of our Brain, You could be looking at it from the wrong point of view Judging by How You Chose to say things like; "If someone places their hands around the psi wheel, It will move without any apparent cause" n "People who believe they have telekinetic powers will tell you that this is how they first developed their talents."

    You, Asking if there's really anything special about this act? Says quite a lot, to me.. Why would you Ask that? I can Only Imagine that you were either; Unsuccessful in your attempts Or You managed to make it Spin But couldn't see what the fuss was about?

    I don't know... Correct me if I'm wrong, I js got the impression that You don't think it's interesting or something.. Can you explain?

    I reckon You'll often Hear the using 10% of our brain thing because, Like I said... You could be looking at it from the wrong point of view. You're right about not using All of our brain at One time but I disagree with where you're going with this.. You're starting to think Mathematical. I like the way you're thinking though..

    But nope... Just because we use different parts of the brain for different things and activities, doesn't mean we've used 100% of it by the end of the day. Lol Everything you already Know and Do NOW, is part of that 10%.. The 90% is of the Part that hasn't been unlocked or discovered yet.

    I believe in this stuff but only for the reason that it happened to me but without me trying let me explain ok there was a night I was playing a video game online and I had this party I was in with other people talking I had no mic it was irritating . I couldn't talk to them so anyways they start talking to me as if I could talk back after awhile of what they were talking about had me excited, irritated, happy, impatient and just in one big frenzy it seemed, finally with all that going on in my mind and the feelings I had throughout my body I responded with a out loud NO in my room as they ask another ? it felt like I had released allot of energy the next thing I know the guy in the party said did you hear that he said no. The way he explained it to his friend was the exact same way I had said it out loud in my room.I will never really no if it was a coincidence or if it was really some power we all have if it was though Ill tell you it would not be easy to duplicate I tried but gave up. But here is what I know allot of different feelings and thoughts have to be going on at the same time and if you do it right wow there you are if you ask me its very complex stuff thats why there is not to many people that come out and say they have special abilities . Anyways im sure there are some people that could and will find this hard to believe but I know what happened that night and coincidence or not im sure it was no coincidence though.I know I will never forget that night ever. So hopefully my true story has helped you believers understand what else it could take. So with that im out and good luck let me know what you might find I would love to here your story, interest me.... later

    1 reply

    I was trying to get on disability for a medical problem but i was in a psychologist's office taking one final test. It was a really hot day (103F), I was hot, bord, and sick-- I really wanted something to happen. There was a loud rumbling on the far wall then the picture there exploded!

    The psychologist looked at th wall, then stared at me for a few moments. To my suprise, he asked me if I believed in ESP. LOL. I thought about the situation, if I told the truth would it hurt my disability claim? So I lied and said no; he wrote something down and I thought that was the end of it. Then one day a fw weeks later after they approved me for disability, I got a larg packt of papers-- all of my medical records and the reports sent to the SSA. On on of them was the report from the psychologist who actually wrote: "Subject does not believe in ESP." My jaw dropped! Why would he write that? Would Social Security even care? That was one of the most bizarre incidents in my life. Just how did that doctor know it was TK that shattered his picture?

    A lot of professional people believe in psi but they get ignored only because the physics books are still 200 years behind the times. ven Sigmund Frud believed in ESP. But the most amazing thing is that two major authors-- Martin Cadin (Cyborg / The Six Million Dollar Man) and Michael Crichton (Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park) both knew how to bend spoons with TK.

    Telekinesis is indeed real. Just becuase some people fake it, that doesn't mean that *everybody* fakes it. Some 12-15 per cent of the world's population (that's about 780 million people) has some kind or degree of psi abilities. But to use them, you need to control your brainwaves; need to get into 7 Hz theta-- that's the hard part for TK.

    4 replies

    First: You're correct, this experiment doesn't necessarily mean that everyone claiming TK abilities is faking. I never claimed that, and in fact I stated it in the last paragraph. But some people, who genuinely believe in TK but use this false "psi wheel" as proof, are faking it without realizing it.

    Second: Where'd you get that statistic? And how'd your source verify that 780 million people truly had TK (in other words, what test did they use)? Because I certainly haven't heard of anyone verifying it in front of scientists (correct me if it has been done).

    Last: Where'd you hear about that "7 Hz theta" thing; that's pretty specific, so I am interested in seeing your source.

    Thanks :)

    Hmmm, things started happening and I ended up homeless for over two months, so it's likely I never did get a chance to rply to this in a timly manner. "Sorry...

    So, to tie up a loose end:

    1) I never said there were 780 million teeks or even implied it. What I *said* was that some time ago-- back in the '70s in a book I think was called "Super Brains" (but I could b wrong)-- the author suggested that there were an estimated 12 to 15 per cent of th worlds population (now 7 billion) with psi abilities. This means empaths, telepaths, clairvoyants, telekineticists (teeks), jumpers (teleporters), pyrots, etc. There being about 74 or 75 psi gifts in total. And sinc nobody can survey the world, thre's no friggin' way to know how many people have a particular gift-- although telepaths ar considrably rarer than teeks.


    2. There's an odd document called the Cymatic Brainwave Frequency list on the web-- Google it. Most of it is really silly but some of the data is incredibly accurate and personally verified: somebody did a neuralogical study of a bunch of psis and found out what specific frequency does what. Although... with 70+ abilities there are only about five brainwwave frequencies so if 7 Hz is for TK, it's likely it's also the same for other psychokinetic gifts like cryokinesis, pyrokinesis, electropsychokinesis, SLI, storm control, etc. Clairvoyance & precognition use higher alpha frequencies at 8.3 Hz, while various forms of telepathy are way down at 4 Hz-- a frequency few people can function at and be still be awake.

    As Jack Palance used to say, "Believe it or not." I don't care--


    Ah, K, I see what you mean now. Thanks for that information, and sorry you didn't have your home for that time, hope things are getting better. :)

    Oh, and by th way, what "scientists" did you want to verify the existence of telekinesis? both the military and intelligence communities have accepted the notion of "wild talents" and numerous others believe in psi. My doctor believes in it; is she ruled out because she is not some mainstream physicist? Or does the only people who matter are the ones who edit physics textbooks and publish journal articles?

    Or if by "proof" you mean somebody winning Randi's fake 1 million dollar offer, well, that's never going to happen no matter how much TK can be displayed. What is the best test of a gift like precognition: calling dice in some lab like a trained guinnea pig or somebody who wins the lottery five times in a row?

    If your standards of proof are mainstream acceptance, you may have a very long wait... But there is more than enough solid evidence everywhere to those not so blind that they can't see it.



    8 years ago on Introduction

    I have played with this before and had some fun. The big test is when you get good at making it spin with your hands round it, try to make it spin with a clear bowl over it. That will test your powers. lol JIM

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hello and thx for putting this up. Altho you know a lot you got some things wrong one we use 15 to 30% of our brain at any time second you never ever put your hands closer to the paper or tin keep them at lest 5 in away so there's no questions. (good job tho:)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    10% of our brains usage is a piece of bull541T