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The ancient practices of seed saving and sharing are currently under threat. Plants carefully cultivated by farmers the world over for millennia – skills and knowledge that belong to no one and everyone - are being claimed as "inventions" and patented by corporations with the support of national states and international bodies, such as the World Trade Organization. Most of these patented seeds are genetically modified. To support corporations, states have made it illegal for everyone else to save and share patented seeds.

Saving and sharing seeds is crucial to our freedom, autonomy from capitalism, and crucial for our survival. Within each seed lays a storehouse of knowledge, recalling the kind of soil in which it was grown, the amount of sun, rain and nutrients that it requires, when to sprout and when to bear fruit.

SHARE SEEDS stations hope to encourage the saving and sharing of non-genetically modified seeds. Seeds that are free for everyone to grow and harvest. Seeds that will produce more seeds, to grow again year after year after year. In these seeds is the hope for life.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent! I have been trading seeds with some neighbors. I really like this idea. When I am in the U.S. I maintain a large free box in front of my home.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    thanks artlife. It is great to swap seeds with neighbors. SHARE SEEDS stations can facilitate swapping with (or giving to and taking from) strangers too!! Just like your free box!!

    I like the idea, although I do not see this working in our neighbourhood - that it to say I would rather approach my neighbours than set up a box. A great concept nontheless.

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    thanks for your comment. it is great to swap seeds with neighbors and friends. SHARE SEEDS stations can facilitate swapping with (or giving to and taking from) strangers too!! :)