Build a Shotgun

Introduction: Build a Shotgun

This is a simple instructable on how to build a prop shotgun.

You should end up with something like this:

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Step 1: Collect the Materials

Required bits&bobs:

Lots of cardboard
2xPVC pipes (Rolled up paper will also suffice)
Scissors/X-Acto Knife

Most Important:
Some time on your hands

Step 2: Assemble the Stock

Draw an outline of a shotgun stock onto 2 different pieces of cardboard. Cut it out with Scissors/X-Acto knife and place next to each other. Add strips of cardboard onto it to layer it up like the first picture.

Once that is down stick the second piece of cardboard on top so it looks like the second pic.

And that's you stock done!

Note: A lot of glue is needed for this. 

Step 3: Build the Shaft

First, Fold some cardboard like the first pic.

Next, mark a rectangular hole for the shell, (optional) and then get some paper and roll it up so it can fit on the PVC pipe.
You're current inventory should be like the second pic.

After taping the shell inserting bit onto the stock, tape the whole thing together like the last image.

Step 4: Final Touches

We had to jam some bits of lego and stuff to make it sturdy, but your experience may differ. 

Also, We added extra selotape for firmness and extra cardboard for the stock.

Anyway, customize this to your hearts content and leave us your tips, pics and advice in the comments!

Finished Product:

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