Build a Bicycle Tank

Here is a bike tank made easy! Use quality wood for basic shape. Simply clamp copper sheet metal in place and use fasteners of your choice. Went for the buck Rodgers look so i needed several brass fasteners with round head. The more fasteners the better! The copper has to lay tight as possible against structure. May take many clamps. Always cushion sheetmetal with soft wood when clamping. Popular wood worked for me- (1/4 inch x 2 inch x 10 long wood) I drilled 1/16 inch  pilot holes first for the brass nails. All my copper sheet and parts came from Ace hardware. If building a door back it up with sheetmetal clamp it  together with JB Weld.  Good luck on your projects!  I enclosed new pictures of how it looks now. Except coppor has darkened..looks close to 3rd picture in color. 

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