Build a Lego Penguin (Tux the Linux Penguin If You Like)





Introduction: Build a Lego Penguin (Tux the Linux Penguin If You Like)

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Here's how to build a little penguin out of lego.
It may look pointless but consider these uses
Arctic Diorama/landscape
just to show how awesome you are

Or it could just be completely useless ;)

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need the parts listed in the photo
I recommend using the same colours as i did first time then try with your own

Step 2: Base Assembly

Place the white 1x2 in the middle of the yellow 2x3 piece.
Then place the second 1x2 on top of that.

Step 3: Back Assembly

This is rather hard to describe
have a look at the picture.

Step 4: Add the Beak

Place half the yellow 4x4 on the white bricks ONLY

Step 5: Add the Head

Place the black 4x4 on the top to cap it all off

Step 6: Finite

Now make more if you want, of all different colours!
or try to make an entire arctic scene.
If you have any trouble notify me and I'll try to send more pics



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    i'm someone who loves penguins and when i built this penguin, it turned out great. it's really tiny which is good because i can fit it in my pocket and show it around. thank you for teaching me how to build this!

    Totally cool, I just love it!!!

    I'd call it Tux Jr. Can you make us a Tux Sr. ?
    (dla888's avatar reminded me that Tux is somewhat fat).

    2 replies

    I'll give it a shot but with Year 10 exams coming up I don't know if I'll have time but if I do I'll give it a shot.

    I got rid of the black piece and put a slanted black piece and put eyes and made the beak slanted I also like it

    1 reply

    Haha These are great. I have 10 of them on top of my CRT monitor. {insert evil laugh} Now I will build an army of them...

    1 reply

    Highly agreed, don`t you remeber that batch instructable were the pics had lines all over the pics and they were really blurry?

    The matrix one were it shares your C:/ drive on the net and disables your mouse.

    I have have no doubt you have seen the one one by jpguitardude but if I get permission to use some plans I will definitely do a segway Instructble