Build a Pigsty Out of Empty Bottles


Introduction: Build a Pigsty Out of Empty Bottles

In this instructable i will share my experience in building a pigsty out of empty bottles.Why? because it is cheap or free and easy to do it also sort of recycling.
I already have built a pigsty out of lumber and a mixture of clay and sawdust but unfortunately Vietnamese pigs gnaw through such walls+(( construction out of empty bottles not an new idea but I discovered that better to put  bottles together with tile adhesive than cement.

by the wayVietnamese pigs are pretty aggressive so do not bother them when they eat or Yasha will eat you+))
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Step 1: Getting Started

First you will need lots of  glass bottles, i booth some part from local glass collector and some part collected my self.
After collecting required amount of vodka bottles we need to construct some type of foundation.. i used concrete plate that was laying around from previous owner of the land you can pour normal concrete foundation.
In corners I put ordinary bricks,
OK now lets start  to build from bottles,
Well the are no instructions just put bottles in a row and some tile adhesive on top of them an more bottles and again tile adhesive step by step..

Step 2: Exterior Trim

For exterior plaster i use same tile adhesive and fiberglass mesh.
just attach
fiberglass mesh to the wall with special nails or do like me just  use ordinary nails with flattened beer bottles caps +) next stage to spread a thin layer of tile adhesive with a spatula and let it dry that's all.
oh and  for
ceiling i used old wooden beams and boards, no special fixing just ordinary nails

Step 3: Interior Finish

For interior finish i used a mix of clay and wheat straw and let in dry 
no special technique just do it +)

Step 4: Roof

As you can see roof made from scrap wood and laid out with roofing felt.
I have not decided yet what to do with attic maybe i will keep there chickens or turkeys or something like that.
fronton i made a service door, attic is  tied space and will be easier to clean up.

Thanks for reading, good luck with you're building experiments+))
P.S. sorry for my English i used to Ukranian



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    11 Discussions

    Nice job using the materials at hand . Thanks for sharing the information .

    from local recycle glass collector =) in the U.S. you have that recycle bins for glass bottles? i think its great source of bottles.

    Good idea. Certainly would be varied types of bottles. I would personally love to own a recycling biz. You'd get first shot at all that junk.....oh my!

    varied types of bottles is good opportunity for making great mosaic\vitrage walls.

    now thats what i call a real HOUSE OF VODKA....

    them pigs must be the happiest in the world and makes other pigs jealous...

    hehhe ill drink to that.......

    Great idea and ingenuity! Thanks for sharing!

    I like your instructable, my chicken coops are built from scraps pulled from the dumpsters at construction sites. Thanks for sharing your great bottle pen. :)

    Be nice!
    Luchshe odin ras uvidet, chem sto ras uslyshat