Build a Shop Stool Out of a Junk Bike





Introduction: Build a Shop Stool Out of a Junk Bike

Step 1: Starting With an Old Bike - Strip Off All of the Extras (breaks, Fenders, Kickstand Etc.)

Step 2: Once You Have the Bare Bones Bike Remove Everything But the Rear Triangle

Step 3: Use an Pneumatic Auto Body Saw or Hacksaw to Cut the Tubing

Step 4: Stick the Seat Back on and Enjoy



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    4 Discussions

    I would add an axle into the bearhng hub with two casters, two other casters at each end of the rear wheel forks, and turn the seat around. Further, because of my prostate slight discomfert, I would install a 135 tractor Ferguson seat instead of the bike's.

    Sweet!!! I'm makin' one for my shop. Very cool idea:-)

    This is great. I can't believe i have never seen this!

    looks like fun :-) To make it easier to move back from a work table, and be more stable overall... First, spread out the braces a bit. 2 inches or so is too narrow for stability... mabey something like a foot apart. Second, add a set of roller blade, or skateboard wheels to each of the back corners. now, instead of scratching up the concrete everytime you go to stand up, the back will just roll out of the way P.S. you musta gotten real lucky. I can NEVER find seats like that round here anymore.. even the mountain bike seats are harsh to sit on! Now, grab that front sproket, cut it, and the chain up, and make 5 of those bottel openers, that someone Instructabled.