DIY Prototypes (robots or Art Design), With Homemade Pieces (recycling Guide) Part One




Introduction: DIY Prototypes (robots or Art Design), With Homemade Pieces (recycling Guide) Part One

This Instructable does not explain how to build some robots or art designs, does not explain how to design them, however it is a guide on how to find materials suitable for construction (mechanichal) of prototype robots (the vast majority of these articles of daily use, almost always end up in the trashl), this Instructable also serve for the construction of numerous ways (not just robots) that will give life to your ideas for robots and other projects than involve the construction of prototypes, and the better: all is free, and easily to find in every home. I hope you find useful and you waiting for the second part

The pics of this step of instrutable (Intro) show the tools and elements neccesary for Assembling-disassembling our prototypes or designs

Minibench Vise
Silicone Gun
Pencil Sharpener
Compass Divider
Instant Glue
Eraser Gum
Soldering Iron
Motor Tool
Kitchen scissors
Leather Gloves
Glasses or transparent screen

PD. My English is really bad!

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Step 1: Materials

Everything you need for this instructable are in every home, the list is rather long, since each material is different, and can be used for a specific use. I must emphasize that actually, I live in a far province of poor country, and it's very difficult to find some materials,which led me to research with different thigs of daily use, which are composed of different materials, some elastic (such as plastic), some very fragile (such as a achrillic),and others very rigid (alluminium and others metals), is important to learn to determine what is the right to use in our projects, either by weight or another physical attribute.

Bottles of PET or plastics
Cds with cases
Cassetes with cases
Dvds with cases
VHS or Betamax Tapes
Longplay disks
Styrofoam film
Aluminium profiles
Pieces of silicone bar
Rubber band
Steel wired
Wood stick

Step 2: The Pieces

This step show the pictures of diferent proccess for making the pieces, (meccano style), such as an introduction to the second part. The very difficult of making this instructable is my bad english, however I try!

Step 3: Other Components

The most proyects need motors, gears, controllers, wires, wheels and others components. These links explain how to find them:

Recycle old PCB components

How To Get FREE Electronic parts

Free Electronic Samples

Step 4: The Outcomes

Pictures of the any outcomes!

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    3 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Just curious, but is that a silicone gun or a hot-glue gun? Prior to this instructable, the only "silicone guns" I'd encountered were used for caulking and looked just like regular caulk guns. If there is, in-fact, such a thing as this hot-glue/silicone gun, is it a specialized applicator or simply a special silicone rod that is placed in a hot-glue gun?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    if you are referring to the one in the first picture in intro, then it is a hot glue gun.