Building a Cheap Fish Trap (DIY) for Catching Fish in the Wild.





Introduction: Building a Cheap Fish Trap (DIY) for Catching Fish in the Wild.

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I had previously followed many designs for soda bottle fish trap and many does not drain the water out when the trap is pulled out of the water. This is my very own design that allow you to quickly get more fishes as the fishes don't swim out of a over-flowing bottle and eliminated the weight of the trap as the water flows out easily at the bottom.

You need the following
1. A clear plastic bottle (preferably larger types)
2. A scissor
3. A Drill or sharp scissor to make hole
4. Some nylon or ropes
5. fishing line
6. Colander

This is my first instructable post so pardon my newbie-ness!

Step 1: The Drainage Netting :)

The difference between my design from the usual fish trap is here...the bottom drainage system. Simply use a cheap stainless steel netting for washing vegetables for this part.

Step 2: Finishing Touches :)

Here you finish it by drilling 04x2mm holes (2 at each side of the top) through the bottle and the top so that the top will fit nicely without any fastener like staplers or pins. This way it's the fishing line that is holding down the top of the bottle.

I know smaller round bottle top may not work this way but the square one works properly. For the ordinary soda bottle you can use 2 staplers on the other 2 side for stability.

Step 3: Test the Fish Trap :)

I had selected a popular fishing spot which is Rochor Canal in Sinagpore near Sim Lim Tower and test my fish trap!

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    31 Discussions

    Very good instructable..... I'll probally make it this spring.

    COOL!!! LETS have a fishing outing sometime... maybe I make atrap then we go test it out :D How's kranji reservoir?

    by the way great idea im going to make one out of a 5 gal bucket for cat fish. thanks dude

    im sorry? do you keep the fish and not let them go? because then they would die and i am pretty sure that is against the law to keep fish that small as it is cruel. aslo i dont think it is nice?

    2 replies

    bait or not in most countries there is very little law when it comes to NON-game fish. and these are not game fish. also ever hear of anchovies? or buying fish in pet stores? some of the fish have to be taken out of the wild. not sure where this vid was taken and not sure of the laws There but if they have a law against keeping or using as bait then i would have to laugh at that country. i'm not trying to bee mean but if you have a problem with this instructable then why even post and telling him that you feel that he broke the law?

    I believe those fishes are molly fishes, freshwater types. I may be wrong :D

    cool! great instructable ,i like the idea of a colander on the bottom ill go build one this weekend

    1 reply

    could you also just poke holes in the bottom? wouldnt work just the same way your trap works great but im tryin to make it as simple as possible

    1 reply

    you can theoretically poke holes but if the fish are strong...they can easily make the hole bigger...and escape