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Introduction: Building Desk Organizer

This instructable takes you through the simple steps of building your own desk organizer for what ever you need. It is meant to be modified and changed to fit your personal arrangements.

Step 1: Design

Come up with a basic lay out of what you want it to hold. My design holds pens/pencils, paper clips, tacks, and Sticky notes. Be sure when drawing it up leave about 1/16 " tolerance for the card board.

I like to add a theme to all my projects. This one is a beach scene morphing into snowy mountains. I suggest you add your own spin of creativity to make it one of a kind.

Step 2: Materials

I have found the best thing to use is old card board.
1. Because its reusing it.
2. Because its really Cheap.

Also you will. Need
Really good glue. (Testors "cement for plastic models" is what i use)
x Acto knife
pencil for planing
pen it for final layout.
Compass(depending if you make circles)
Sculpey clay(if themed)
Heat gun(if themed)

Step 3: Draw Out the Layout on Your Base Board

Your base should be using a little thicker of card board. I used 1/8 inch from an old poker set box. Simply mimic the design from your paper. If you have something like sticky notes you can use that as a starting point by making sure you allow enough space to fit them in. Then simply estimate the rest. and cut out the base.

Step 4: Supports

I am putting things on levels.
Making a plat form for each theme.
As well as making the walls for each holder a different size.
With doing this supports are needed because cardboard does a horrible job standing on its own.

Step 5: Walls/ Main Frame

Putting the walls or supports is kinda tricky that is why i recomended the glue.
It is all a matter of deciding the height you want along with measuring the length of wall.
Place a little glue on the end of your supports along with running the glue down the line which the wall will be.
Set the wall in place and Leave it to dry before adding additional glue for strength.

Step 6: Wall/ Supports Circular

Everyone knows its hard to role card board in a circle.
I devised a nice little trick to role it though.
1.Simply cut the length and height of your card board done.
2.Have a can or circular object ready.
3.Wet the card board and wrap it around the can.
4.take a paper towel and wrap that around the card board.
5.Then role tape around the paper towel to secure the card board under it.
6. For quick drying use a hair dryer to speed up the process.
7. Cut away the tape and unwrap the paper towel.
8. TA DAAAh Circular card board with no wrinkles.

Sorry for being sideways.. First instructable.

Step 7: Covering for Theme

If your are themeing your desk organizer or just want to make it look cleaner.
building tops for all the messy areas that need to be hidden.
Also these tops provide a base to set up your theme.
Measure out your shape and make it a little larger then needed so it does not fall into the space.
Lay some glue on the tops of the walls and set down your cover.
After the glue dries you can cut away the excess and re-glue into the cracks.

Step 8: Clay/ Modeling

Well for theme's this is the fun part (everyone say YAY)
Its pretty self explanatory be creative go slow and don't get frustrated.
I modeled a nice curling wave. and a Snowy mountain.

Drying is the worst part seeing as i molded the clay while it was on the card board.
Simple solution though. Heat Gun or a hair dryer.
Hair dryer will obviously take a really really really long time so i recommend the heat gun.
You can get one at a local hardware store for around 30 bucks.
Just remember to move it around because sculpey clay can burn and you don't want to burn something you just spend 3 hours making

Step 9: Paint

Paint it go go along with your theme simple as that
Don't try to be perfect art and nature never are perfect.
Its your vision so make it look like your vision.

Step 10: Finished

And it all looks sweet and your supply's and enjoy

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    3 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    That looks nice! Never thought about molding carboard with water.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Props for detail and ingenuity. I do have to agree with the first commenter a little. Though, I might say it still needs some refinement, rather than the comment above. Consider painting all of it, inside and out. You are going to look at it often as it is on your desk. Also, consider your motivation, "to eliminate clutter". Therefore, visual clutter could also be reduced by smoothing the colors and removing extraneous elements. Revisions produce better products. Great effort. It has inspired me to get back into building my own organizing devices. :D


    11 years ago on Introduction

    What bout the be nice policy??? Give me some credit for a boredom project its not half bad. If you wanna be impressed I have others just no instructable for them.