Building Instruction of Geeetech Prusa I3 Pro W 3D Printer-PART 1

Introduction: Building Instruction of Geeetech Prusa I3 Pro W 3D Printer-PART 1

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Geeetech I3 pro W 3D printer, is engineered and manufactured by Shenzhen Getech Technology Co., Ltd. Compared with other Geeetech I3 pro printers, the whole frame of I3 pro W, made of high-quality wood, is greatly simplified and portable. Its DIY design would bring great sense of accomplishment when you see a whole machine walking out of fragmentary parts.

Beside, I3 pro W keeps the excellent features of the I3 series 3D printers. Large build volume, high printing accuracy and speed, SD card stand-alone printing, open filament system, smooth and exquisite surface finish and strong structure of the 3D objects, safe and satisfactory printing experience. Paired with EasyPrint 3D printing and control software, Geeetech I3 pro W makes it a reality to easily manage the whole printing job for both newbies and pros alike. In addition, with an extra Wi-Fi module, you can upgrade I3 pro W to enjoy the convenience brought by our cloud 3D printing solution. After you configure your Pro W with Wi-Fi hotspot, the cloud 3D printing solution enables you to enjoy free 3D models, direct control over the whole printing process and share your printing experience via App anywhere and anytime. 3D touch will assist you in auto-leveling the hotbed, guaranteeing nice printout. Unleash your bold ideation with the company of I3 pro W.

Step 1: Preparations

1. Unpack

the kit and check if all parts are in the box and check the condition of each part, there might be some damage during shipping. To help you with this, there is BOM in the box and each bag was labeled with part number.

2. Contact our customer service immediately by email or through the website if you find any missing or damaged parts. And on the bottom of the BOM, there is a signature of reviewer, please take a picture of it and attach the picture in your mail.

3. Before you start, you can put all the part in order to save your time especially those screws and nuts. Do not mix them up.

4. Ensure you have the necessary skills to carry out the work, or enlist the help of someone who does.

5. Work on a big firm table or bench in a clean dry well-lit area.

6. This kit contains tiny parts; please keep them away from kids under 3.

7. Ask for help if you run into any problems - our contact details are on the website and we will always do our best to resolve any problems encountered.

8. Watch the building instruction videos here on YouTube:

Read through each chapter of these instructions to gain an over-all idea of what is involved and how long it might take, before starting on the work described.

Step 2: Check the Accessories



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