Building Night With Sugru: Book Protector

Introduction: Building Night With Sugru: Book Protector

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A simple Sugru hack to help protect your books from impact damage.

Materials: -1 Pack of Sugru Self-setting Rubber -Book

Step 1: Prepare Your Material

Open the pack of Sugru and tear the Sugru into two equal pieces

Step 2: Form Your Material

With both hands, use your thumbs and index fingers to form the sugru pieces into two flat rectangular pieces

Step 3: Wrap the Sugru

Gently and evenly wrap the Sugru around the bottom of the books spine. Use your finger-nail to help mold the Sugru so that it fits tightly around the corners. Using your index finger, pat the Sugru so that it levels out. Repeat this step at the top of the books spine.

Step 4: Wait 12 Hrs for Better Result

Step 4: Leave to dry at room-temperature for 12 hours

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