Building the City: Fountains [] MCPE []

About: Hello, we are ThunderBumm and SpittleFumm! We love doing art and animations, all sorts of that stuff. We also have a YouTube channel, which is the same name as our instructables.

Intro: Building the City: Fountains [] MCPE []

Wanting to build a city? Then here will be tutorials on how to build a city!

Step 1: Build the Flooring

Make a circle. I will try to make a tutorial on how to make circles in Minecraft.
Make the outer lining a different block, to make the flooring stand out.

Step 2: Build Another Circle and Pillar

Where the outer circle ends, fill in that space.
Second, build the pillar. You are almost finished.

Step 3: Next, Add Water.

Add Water, and your fountain is finished! Make sure to check out my other instructables, you might have interest for them. Thank You!

Step 4: Subscribe to My YouTube Channel!

ThunderBumm and SpittleFumm, that is the name.



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