Building Your Own Homemade Flue Pipe




Intro: Building Your Own Homemade Flue Pipe

Organ-building brought to the masses: you can build a flue pipe entirely of cereal box cardboard in about 10 minutes. The construction I mention here is different from the one used in my Christmas Organ (q.v. - and Youtube), but that just demonstrates that a flue pipe can easily be made of any material just so long as it has the right basic form.



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Of course. One of the points I make in this video is that as long as the basic principle is maintained, flue pipes can be made of any material and in any reasonable shape. See my webpage for some hints. Note, though, that round pipes must still have a flat upper lip for the flue to impinge upon. That's why the mouth area of metal pipes is pounded flat to form an edge; that's why the mouth area of my Christmas Organ pipes was mitered at an angle and then capped with a flat piece.