Building a DIY Ambilight for PC



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Unfortunately i lost the pictures during the building proces but i still want to show what the end result is.

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Step 1: Building

Total costs was less then 20 euro's:
- Case (

- Plugs (

- Arduino (

- Ledstrip (

- Power supply (

Since i ordered the wrong voltage for my ledstrip i used a 2 dollar buck converter to stabelize the voltage to 5v. For the ledstrip 60 leds per meter and IP30 suffices.

Software i recommend for this:

Step 2: End Result

Prismatik by psieg is future rich. Here is an example of sound reactive and screen grabbing. For the screengrabbing i watched a random Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay footage of Youtube.

Screen grabbing also works with multiple monitors. You could like me add a second power out to compensate for the voltage drop. Also it is important the ground of the strip is connected with the ground of the Arduino. Otherwise it wont work.

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