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Introduction: Building a Enclosure

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Hey Guys,

I thought about a enclosure for my GeeeTech i3 to get better results while printing with ABS. Yesterday I measured rough the dimensions.

Width: 430mm

Hight: 370mm

Depth: 470mm

After a few minutes in Fusion 360 I had a simple construction of what I want. I make a short video of how to design this one. Feel free to share your ideas and improvements in the comments. You can find the latest version here:

I will use a basic plate and build a wooden frame and a door. Also print a hinge for the door and use some magnets.

Hopefully you enjoy this project an go ahead and build one on your own.

Part List:

Of cause a 3d printer,

I also use some styrofoam I have laying around with a thickness of 20mm.

Futter some standart wooden beam with 38x58x2000

and 2 wooden plates, one for the door and one on which the printer will be mounted.

For the prints I will use black PLA.

Step 1: Building the Frame

I bought everything from a local hardware shop which cost me around 15€.

I highly recommend a good sketch. This assembly was really easy, so take your time and do a good sketch for your projects. Fusion 360 is free to use for students and personal use.

I printed the hinge in around 3 hours with a nozzle diameter of 0.5mm.

For cutting the styrofoam I used a long sharp knife what was really easy.

And for the door I used a Dremel to cut the rectangle.

After skewing everything together I used hot glue to hold the styrofoam, the door and the glas in place.



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