Building a Planter

Introduction: Building a Planter

About: Hey! My name is Roey Leon, from Tel Aviv, Israel. On my free time, as a hobby of mine, I love building stuff from scratch. It always starts with a crazy idea, and then I realize that it`s too Dangerous / Una...

I just love plants and trees , and waking up to a  " Green " environment in general.

My house has a lot of plants allocated inside , and i thought to my self that it`s time to construct some Planter for the porch in the living-room .
So i drove to some Hanger in my city that sells woods , bought me a few and started to build .

 Enjoy !

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Step 1: Shopping List

materials :

5.1 Meter Wood.   - cut it  with a saw to 3 pieces , each 1.70 Meter length.
Paint - choose your  favorite color
Nylon - for the inner Planter  
Hangers  X6 
Driller with different drill bits
Chain - to secure the Planter
50 kilo of ground for the plants
and Plants of course 

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

measure your desirable Planter size and cut it with a saw.

Step 3: First Stage Done!

1.7 Meter length 
20 cm depth 
20 cm wide

Step 4: Drilling Holes for Drainage

It is very important to clear away excess water !

 if you let the water to accumulate at the bottom the plants roots will start to rot , and eventually die

Step 5: Cover the Bottom With a Nylon

Since the wood is not protected against water ( way more expensive ) .

 i want to minimize the contact of water with the Wood`s surface

so i spread glue on the bottom and on the sides and glued to it the Nylon

Step 6: Let the Paint Begin!

Paint a few layers of color  , make sure you let the color dry between one layer and the other .

Step 7: Start by Mounting the Hangers

Drill your Porch rails and mount the hangers.

make sure you use strong bolts  and nuts , and very stiff Hangers - for safety !

Step 8: Mount the Planter

Check that it`s stable and leveled up straight 

Step 9: Safety Anchoring

It`s very very important to anchor the Planter with another  chain to the rails ! 

just in case that the Hangers will collapse or brake.

 i took a very strong chain and bolted it to the rails  as you can see.

Step 10: Completed !

I chose plants that spread during time and " Fall " to the bottom, that way i will  cover the surface of the rails and Planter 

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