Building a Priority Board

Introduction: Building a Priority Board

I made what I call a "Priority Board". I'm a big fan of to-do lists to capture tasks so I don't forget. But the only problem is that you can't reorder them without rewriting the whole list.

Whiteboards are nice, but suffer the same problem. I could use index cards or similar, but then I would be wasting materials every time I finish a task. I decided what I needed was something I could shift around easily, but that didn't use any consumables.

The Priority Board was born. Each piece is made from whiteboard material, with magnetic backing so it can stick to a magnetic surface (a filing cabinet in my case).

It's easy to reorganize the list at a moments notice when your priorities suddenly change:

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Step 1: Materials and Assembly

I bought magnetic tape and a cheap whiteboard. Note: It's important not to get a magnetic whiteboard. I bought one of these first, and since they're only very thin metal sheet, when I tried to cut it the edges were way too sharp. (I actually cut my thumb knuckle quite badly.) The non-magnetic ones are much better for this application, since we need pieces that can be moved over and over again.

Although scissors would probably have worked, for speed I used a bandsaw to cut the pieces out. I chose 3cm high and 15cm wide for each piece.

Apply the tape to the pieces. Only a small amount of magnetic sticker is needed for the back.

The tape is still quite curved after being rolled up for so long, so I weighed all the finished pieces down with a book for a while to help the adhesive stick.

Step 2: Completed

Finished and ready for use.

I've also posted this information, as well as some of my other projects on my website here:

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