Building a Putt Putt Boat

Introduction: Building a Putt Putt Boat

Toy boats bought at stores are not made with the creativity of the operator.
This boat was made by he hands of the user and the user will be proud of the outcome.

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Step 1: Materials/Items Required

- 1 Soda can
- 2 193mL straws
- Epoxy Glue
- Bathtub Sealer
- Knife
- Milk cartons
- Foil & Birthday Candles

Step 2: Cut Can

Cut Can so you get rectangle piece of the can.

Fold like a sandwitch

Step 3: - Print this out

Tape the scale check to the piece of can.

Use scissors to cut the sides.

Fold according to the dotted line.

Step 4: Cut and Glue

Cut straws 1 inch on both ends.

Insert straws in the can piece.

Use epoxy glue to secure folds on the can piece.

Glue straws inside of the can piece

Step 5: Making the Hull of the Boat

- Get a piece of cardboard, and make the boat the way you want it.

Step 6: Putting It Together

- Make hole in the bottom of the boat.

- Stick your can piece so that the straws bend under the boat.

- Glue it together.

Step 7: Priming the Boat

- Put water through the holes.

- Hold ends of straws and flip the boat up and down.

Step 8: Testing the Boat

- Put candle under the can piece of boat.

- Wait up to 2 minutes.

- Light candle, and watch it go.

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