Building a Raised Garden

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Using my scrap lumber I created a raised garden bed. You can use tools and lumber on hand or use pallet lumber which you can get from newspapers offices or engine shops.

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Step 1: Going Thru My Scrap Leftover Lumber

I used four 4 x 4’s then framed it with my used deck boards, made the bottom,and sides .in the bottom of my bed I used the nail holes as a guide and drill my drain holes.

Step 2: Prepping the Raised Bed

I first lined the bottom with “pea” gravel them filled the box with miracle grow

Step 3: Adding Plant and Making Water Funnels

I added wheels to the bed because if I decided to move it after the summer it would be easier. I cut plastic jugs to be able to get the water to the roots without burning the leaves.

Step 4: Supporting the Plants

As the vegetables plants started producing I need to support them I used lattice and wood stake. A little water and occasional fertilizer I ended up with a nice harvest.

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