Building a Simple Electric Motor (Masco G8)

Introduction: Gather Materials

To create this simple electric motor, you will need :

  • D-Cell Battery (1)
  • Large Paper Clips (2)
  • Rubber Band (1)
  • Magnet (1)
  • 26 Gauge Magnet Wire (One arms Length)
  • Sand Paper
  • Wire Cutters

Step 1: Wrap Wire Into Coil

Take your magnet wire and begin wrapping your wire around your battery to give it its circular shape. Remember to leave about two inches of wire on each end.

After you have wrapped your wire around your battery, gently remove the wire. Next, you will take the ends of the wire and wrap it around the coil until the coil feels secure. Remember to leave and inch or so of wire on the ends of the coils. Make sure that the ends of the wire are on opposite sides of the coil, so they can balance on top of the battery.

Step 2: Sand the Enamel Off of the Magnet Wire

Next, you're going to have to sand the enamel off of the ends of your coil. Enamel is the paint that coats the wire, and when you sand it off you should be able to see the copper color of the wire.

*IMPORTANT* On one end of your magnet wire, you're going to sand all the enamel off until about 1 cm away from the coil. On the other end of your magnet wire, you're going to shave half of the enamel off, also until about 1 cm away from the coil. It is important to not sand away the enamel from the coil.

Step 3: Bend Paperclips

Take your paperclip, and straighten out the middle bend. Next, bend the smaller bend upwards until it looks like a hook. This hook will hold the magnet wire coil.

Step 4: Attach Parts to the Battery

A paper clip is going to go on each end of the battery, which is going to be held in place with your rubber band. Place your coil in the hooks. Place your magnet under your coil. You may have to give your coil a push to make it begin to rotate.

Step 5: Troubleshooting

If your coil isn't spinning, here are a few things that might help:

Check to see if you accidentally shaved all the enamel off both ends of the wire. If you did, you will need to make a new coil.
Check to see if your paper clips are secured to the exposed metal part of the batterie.
You can also try bending your paper clips so the coil is closer to the magnet, like in the first picture.
Adding more magnets could increase the speed of the coil turning, or help it start turning if anything.
Sometimes all your coil needs is a little push to start turning.

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