Building a Solar Panel Stand





Introduction: Building a Solar Panel Stand

About: Andrew Kamal is a techie by day, DIY enthusiast by night! Enjoy this small curation of projects.

I built a solar stand long time ago, and wanted to start sharing a few of my DIY projects with the community. Bear with me, as this is my "first" instructable.

Step 1: The Design

In the beginning, I wanted to build this out of wood. The design was quite simple, I got some cut lumber from Home Depot and sort of visualized the idea of using brackets and hinges for structural support.

Step 2: Bottom Platform

For the bottom of the custom stand, I wanted to start of with a basic rectangular frame (Dimensions depend on the Solar Panel you are building this for)

Step 3: Hinge and Bracket Support

As you can see I found numerous of ways to have support for the frame. Also I gave the frame a bit of height for needed electronics for the panel installation I was planning to use this for.

Step 4: Final Stand

Finally, I installed all the sides for the stand. As you can see the image is a bit rough (moved the stand to storage), but the structural support of the frame stands still given the project I was working on.



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    4 Discussions

    You have to finish the wood for at least water resist and UV protection. Any idea for it?

    They sale some nice water proof glosses in different hardware stores.

    Yes in regards to weather proof, I use a nice wooden finish, and then after it dries, I use a water proof gloss to cure the wood from any harsh weather. They usually sale the water proof gloss at my local Walmart. I also heard the EnviroTex Lite Pour is good, but don't know where the sale that.