Building a Large Sandbox With Bench Seat Lids




Introduction: Building a Large Sandbox With Bench Seat Lids

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This is a nice 4' x 4' sand box with lids that open to bench seating.  This was inspired by some other DIY projects I found.  I did this using all scrap materials.

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Step 1: Getting Materials Ready

the list
* 18 - 4' 2x4's  TOP AND SIDES
*6 - 45" 2x4's   ENDS
*4- 2' 2x4's    LID STRINGERS
*4 - 9" 2x4's   BENCH LEGS
*8 - 10' 2X4'S    SIDE TIES
*4 door hinges 3 1/2"
24 1 1/2" exterior screws
exterior 3" screws 
finish of choice
weed barrier
1000lbs of play sand or commercial sand

Step 2: Assembly

I built it in three square sections and stacked them.  Use the 4' sections on the sides screw the 45" pieces in the insides thus creating 4' boxes. 
Use the eight 10" pieces to tie it all together on the inside.
Next lay out the 12 4' 2x4's of top across the top with a 1/2" gap between. 
use the 2' pieces on edge to tie them together and add the 9" legs at 90 degrees .   see pics
Next attach  the hinges with 1 1/2" screws. 
the top is a little trickier  than it sounds

Step 3: Prep and Paint

Sand off the rough edges and finish how ever you wish.
I used Drylok I had left over.  I figured it would hold up to water.  Then I sprayed it with left over barn paint.
Next I stapled weed barrier across the bottom to keep out the mud .  I didn't get a pic of this.

Step 4: Just Add Sand and Kids

I finished up with 1/2 ton of sand , yes 1000lbs.   Do your wallet a favor and find a sand/ rock/ landscape supply to buy in bulk.  Play sand is $4.50 an 60lbs bag.   I paid $5 for 1900lbs!!!!  get a truck and DIY.

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4 years ago

Keeps the cats out... Where was this when I was a lil'en and had my box? Really liked the 'ible. Thank you.


7 years ago on Introduction

This could work too for a garden ... be protected from the winter or to start planting early ..