Building a Wifi Booster DIY Style




Introduction: Building a Wifi Booster DIY Style

Learn how to boost your wifi signal for next to no cost with this simple DIY guide

Origonal Article: Building a Wifi Booster

Step 1: Cutout Required Parts

The first step is to cutout the main parts for the reflector. You may download a stencil from this link:

Once you have downloaded that stencil, simply cut out the two shapes as shown in the image below.

Step 2: Cover in Tinfoil

Once we have cutout our shapes in step 1, we need to cover the shapes in tinfoil and fold them to the correct positions. The guide in step 1 will show you how to fold them. The image will explain better..

Step 3: Cutout a Small Hole for Antenna

At this point, we will have two shapes, cutout, covered in tinfoil and folded to the appropriate position. We will need to cut a small hole out for the routers antenna to peak through. See image:

Step 4: Put It All Together

Simply place your booster onto your current antenna, and that's it.

Enjoy a lovely increase in your signal strength. Remember to aim your booster in a good direction.

Have fun!



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    19 Discussions

    Dont put foil on the center brace. it will work much better.. :)

    Wifi goes through walls but not mirrors and other reflective things. (which is how these work) So, just point it at your PS3 even if it's through a wall ;)

    im guessing you point it to the wall? or to the closest opening towards the ps3?

    wrong proportions in the template!!! and I noticed that only after I had cut, covered and folded the whole thing!!! waste of time!!! :-((( correct the template!!! p.s. Below here it says: "We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site." I'm sorry if I haven't been "positive"... :-)

    1 reply

    hey u could put your antenna from your pc so u could use your pc from further

    Nice! Took 5 minutes out of my day to make this, and saw my signal went from 60-65% to 95-99%. Thank you for sharing this one, works like a charm.

    Thanks for all the comments everyone. I see what you're saying about the template, however, I've had great success with the template and have received at least 50 emails from people saying that it's worked for them perfectly. I am going to try and resize it and give that a test a see if things are better.. Thank you

    Unfortunately the templates aren't quite the correct size. When I printed out the templates, I cut them out as directed but then discovered that the semi-circular piece did not slot into the rectangular piece because the slots were not far apart. After improvising a little I did get mine to work and I can say that it increased the signal strength by a whole bar. Thank you!

    i already made one using the same template. is working fine. I got 29% increase in signal. I am using cheap Aztech USB adapter. this is much better compare to pringles can. Anyone already try it wit copper plate?

    I've been reading a LOT of this WiFi stuff here on our extraordinary and was wondering if anyone has tested the strainer method against the coffee can or pringles method and also against using an old directv satellite and such. Which one would give me the best reception? I'm guessing the satellite dish but I am new to this. TIA!

    Are you sure you should cover the inner part (where the antenna peaks through) in tinfoil too? I think this will have bad effect, because a part of the antenna will be 'caged in'. I've made one myself some time ago and only covered the actual reflector (back plate) with tinfoil, worked fine for me.

    2 replies

    i agree too, covering the inner part would bounce most of the signal away, making it pointless

    Gorilla - I'm actually not sure, I've only used it for a Wireless Router, but I don't see why it would not increase any signal. samv - I tested both ways and I got a better signal by covering the whole area visible by the top of the antenna..

    Well Andrew, to be really honest with you, mine faces my outside room, which is about 20metres away, but if I'm sitting at the pool, which is 20m from the router in the opposite direction, the signal is still stronger than before, so it seems to not limit directionally from my experience, but rather boost in all directions..