Building an W LAN Internet Radio Out of an Tablet




Introduction: Building an W LAN Internet Radio Out of an Tablet

I've got an small 7" tablet as an gift. It wasn't fun to use the tablet for surfing the www even after changing the system-software to an modded Android.

So i decided to build an wireless internetradio. I tried to let it look a little like an steampunk radio.

Most of the material i had in my workshop, so i can't give an ammount i spend for it.  All the copper-parts i have build out of copper-pipes.

And therefore this is my first instructable and i am not a natvie english speaker, i hope that you understand my steps. :) Feel free to comment..

You will need these materials:
7" Tablet
bigger mains adapter, because it has to supply the LEDs and the speakers too (about 10€)
USB-Powered speakers, this one are from Logitech and the sound is very good (about 14€)
three-colour LED-Stripes
turnswitch for changing the LED-Color
Wood planks, the size you want
acrylic glass
copper pipes and bends
10mm² copper wire
thin cable
different screws
two-component adhesive

Tools I have use:
router with different cutters
cordless screwdriver with different drills
soldering iron

Step 1: Step One, Building the Box

At first i saw the hole in the frontpiece and uses the router to make the tab fitting in it. Then i build the box in the size i need for the tab and the speakers.
For the speakers i take off the half material of the wood with  the router, with the holesaw i saw the holes for the speakers. With small grid i protect the speakers against damage from oputside.
The top and the back are one piece, so i can open the box wide. 

Step 2: Step Two, LED in the Top

In the top i carve a slot for the LED-stripes, then i saw the acrylic glass in the form of the top. The edges are opaque so the light is good to see. (seen in the first picture, only one colour at time)
The LEDs are switchable red-green-blue-white, therefore i take an turning switch and build an acrylic box for it. 

Step 3: Step Three, the Handle and the Fastener

For the handle i use a rest of an curtain pole and two copper bends. I fixed the wood in the pipes with two componend glue. In the ends  i fixed wood too, so that i can fix it with screws through the top.
For the fastener i use a piece of copperpipe, anneal it, and hammered it flat. The axis is an 10mm² electrical wire.

Step 4: Step Four, Wiring

After the wood-work had been done, i started wiring the box.
At first i opened the tab and solder (sorry, no pictures) wire to the four switches These wires i solder to an board, where i have put on four switches before. These switches could not be operated from  the outside, because until now i haven't an good idea to manage this. :)
In the Box i glue a socket for the 9VDC powersupply the tab needed. 9VDC is enough to operate theLED and the speakers too.
The switch on the top is an switch with five positions off/red/blue/green/all=white. Therefore i've build an board with three diodes as seen in the picture below.
The speakers are USB-Powered, so i took an 12V-Car to USB plug. The plug works with 9VDC too.
For the tab supply i use an plug who fits into the socket, so i don't have to cut of the original mains adapter
At least i connect all the 9V-cables.

Step 5: Assembly

The final step is to assemble all parts in te box. To fix the speakers, i choose foam material. so it easy to de-assemble all parts of the box.

After finishing i noticed, that the WLAN is very weak, so i took the boardantenna out of the tabhousing. Now it works better.

Two things i want to do in the future:
1. find a way to use the switches from the outside
2. find a way to switch the 5VDC fom the tab with the 5VDC from the Car adapter, because so i can't use the radio without the powersupply.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    ok you need some improvements i thing but as idea it's very nice.
    Which program do you suggest ?