Building an Ultra Portable and Battery Powered Tracing Lightbox From an Old Monitor and a Osram Ledstixx





After looking through the net to find a slim battery powered tracing lightbox for my drawing. I could only find ones that where bulky, socket powered and extremely expensive. So I thought: why don't I just build my own?
The search then went on for instructions on how to build one. To my disappointment though, I stumbled on the same issue. Most of them where bulky and socket powered .
After playing with the ideas of El-panels and edge lighting a sanded plexiglass with led lists, I started wondering on how lcd screen are getting their backlight . I took a trip down to the local dump and asked it I could take an old broken lcd screen. When I got back home I strippet it down. To my joyful suprice there was an acrylic glass with reflector and "defuser" sheets :D 

With some modifications you can use the light tubes that comes with the screen. . But since my lack of experience in electronics I decided to go the easy way and use a Osram Ledstixx for the light source
For the framing I wanted a sleek design with minimum things sticking out.
I therefore came up with a design of a two piece glued aluminium framing. One piece sliding into the other, and with a screw  locking it all in place.
This screw also function as the on/off button, as it pushes down on the Osram Ledstixx.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I see this changing my life... I really need to try something like this! thank you for sharing!