Building Your Old Costomiced Fender Stile Guitars




in this instructable, im going to show you how to make an old stile customiced guitars. I use pics from three or for proyects we make before. I hope you like this tutorial and enjoy reading like me writing. Thanks.

In the electric instruments world, one of the most tradicional company is fender. I make this proyects using the stile of this mític company

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Step 1: Tools

this is the electric tools to woodworking. But we use more tipicals tools.

Step 2: Choose a Great Piece of Wood

one of the most used wood is the swamp ash. You can buy a good piece in internet or in your wood local dealer. In this moment you can choose a critical step, use one or two pieces. I prefer use one, i think is beter for sound, but other people prefer to make the body in two parts, is beautifull for wood art and stile. I prefer to lookingfor the best tradicional sixties sound.

Step 3: Cut the Wood

in this step, we have to transfer the plan to our piece of wood. You can use black paper to do it. In this tutorial i put a plan like fender stile to do it. You can see the mesures, and try to do something new. This isthe moment to choose a creative stile. Like we love fender stile we use our plan.

Some people can buy a pre cut kit fender stile piece of wood, or cut it whith a NC machine.

To cut the wood we use a jig electric saw and a bosch router electric tool.

Step 4: Sander and Sander Again

In this step we finish the details whith precision tools and sanders a lot of time of sanders. You cab use diferent numbrpers of sander papers. At the end we use 400 sander paper whith water to get a perfect end.

Step 5: Time to Paint

to paint our model i like choose nitro paint. Is clasic old stail and we get the best finish. You need three hands of paint, and use a comoresor to aply. First of all prepare the place to paint. Is a long proces and you have to get sure your gitar is totaly dry before paint again. I give one advice, use retro paint stile, the fender stile is awsome whith this paint colours.

If you want a wood stile use varnice and give five hands to get a great job.

Step 6: The Neck

you can do the neck in the same wood, or in local wood, i use a spanish wood called "palo de hormigo". Use varnice to pain it. To make the fret i use nikel metal. I cut and paste in a line maked whith dremel. Use sandpaper to prepare it. To do the nut i use a real bone. You have to use sandpaper to model it. And finaly is the best to suport the strings, look the pic.

You can buy the tuning pegs in profesional music store. Use cuality oieces if not you have to looking for tone all the time.

Step 7: Pickups

For me this is probably the most important step to get a awsome sound. Pro tone. You can buy pickups in a lot of music store, but in this tutorial i sow you how to make one.

I use a vinile plastic to do the base, and drill whith dremel. You can buy news and cut off all the cupperl line and bobine again. Be carefull cos this step is important in mesures. Each string has his own place.

If you want to take off the wax and cupper line see the drawing to take in one line. Take time, you have to bobine slow and using the same movements, if you cut the line, bad, you have to start again.

When you finish mahe a wax mixture, parafine and bee wax at 50%. And put in.

Use diagrams to put the lines and get redy to next step.

Step 8: The Sield

a lot of people try to do his own sield. Take this advice, BUY ONE, is cheap and get profesional finish.

To do all the conexions, there are a lots of diagrams in internet. But you only need a soldering iron, and electric lines. Buy good ones.

Use this web to see diagrams

Step 9: Mount It

all the metalic pieces: the bridge, the tuning pegs, te strings, jack socket... You can buy in internet or in local music store. Buy good ones, i knoww i say a lot of times, but if you do this proyect is cos you like the music, and the sound is most important. You can get the besttone whith good materials.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Guitard

finaly when you mount and put all the pieces in place, start the most longer proces afine it. Get this tone. This is a proces you need a lot of practice and try and try. Good look.

But at least enjoy your result. This is some of our gutars enjoy.

And thank if you arrive here.

Step 11: The Next Project

the best complement to our guitar.

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    8 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Nice project!

    I've got one request: Could you do a detailed instructable on the winding of the pick-ups? Including the exact materials that you used.

    That would be awesome.


    4 years ago

    Very well done material. Congrats for your work.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent project and you did a beautiful job. One request and one comment:

    Comment: Please do not take this as a dig but you may want to run the spelling through a checker.. "costomiced" is "customized" and "stile" is "style." I had to take a few moments to understand your intent.

    Request: Can you elaborate on making the neck? The shaping of the neck always confused me. For myself that has always been one of the hardest parts.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks a lot for your coment. Im from spain ant english is not my native language, and the ortografic corrector from the ipad change a lot of things. At the moment i prepare my new proyect i send you pics from the neck.
    Please vote me if you like the proyect, in audio contest.


    4 years ago

    This is inspiring. With respect, do you mind if I ask how much it cost you to make one?

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    Usualy spend 1500€ more or less but each proyect is a world. You can spend all you need. I prefer looking for real tone and fix the price when i finish. If you like it pleas vote me in the music contest.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks, that was more than I expected. Your guitars look really top notch, especially that sweet creamy looking strat. I'll definitely vote for you.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This looks great! I've always wanted to build my own guitar! I'm sure that it sounds great!