Built in Storage for Our Laundry Room!

Introduction: Built in Storage for Our Laundry Room!

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Our laundry room is basically a large closet off of our dining room/entry room in our home. Is having the laundry room in our dining room ideal? Of course not, but with an old house sometimes the only options are really not all that great. But, I digress, so far it hasn’t bother Joe or I at all, the dining room is big enough and our laundry room/closet is plenty big enough so it hasn’t at all been a problem. We have a scratch and dent certified new LG washer/dryer combo, just in case you were wondering why there was only one machine that looks like a washing machine in the picture We love our washer/dryer combo so far and I, personally, would never go back to two machines. Here’s how it looked when I got started:

Step 1: Build the Basic Frame Out of 2x4s

This is after we installed and then gave the upper cabinets a face life. After that there was a whole lot of ugly going on. We did not extend our new wood floors into the laundry closet/room and the whole room is still lacking doors so I needed to do something badly in here. First thing was: we really needed more storage. Second thing was: I happened to have an old metal counter top (it came off of this cabinet that we ended up using in our kitchen) that needed a home, so, I got to building!

Step 2: Easy to Build

The construction was as simple as simple can get. Just a frame of 2x4s the depth and width of the counter top built right around the washer/dryer combo. I used screws and our impact driver for the whole assembly and it came together really quick and easy. (I will be covering the two sides of the cabinet in the future with plywood to help cut down on the noise from the machine as well.)

Step 3: Now on to the Shelves

I used scrap 1x4s for the shelf supports and carefully used screws on them as well… I say carefully because 1x4s split very easily. From there I went hunting for shelf material and found we had a 1×10 left over from other shelf projects in our garage. With the shelves in we immediately started using them! It’s still wasn’t pretty yet but it was SO great to finally get everything off the floor. (Note: I know that this warm and damp environment is the worst possible place for squash but we simply had no other place for them, I will be moving them to a better location soon.)

Step 4: Paint and a Curtain to Make It Pretty!

After a few days I finally had the time one day after work to get moving on making the entire thing pretty and nice. I knew I had some extra dowels in the barn left over from my grandparents so I just went to walmart in search of a little curtain of some kind. I cut the dowel with a pair of scissors and used some left over eye hooks that I screwed in to rest the dowel in.

Step 5: The Finished Product!

From there I just needed lots of white paint. I went ahead and hit the floors with one coat as well because they just looked dirty before (though they weren’t) I think the whole room/closet came together nice! Having the metal counter top now for folding is just awesome and the three deep shelves as well as the upper cabinets took care of all of our storage needs! Now, I just need to get closet doors built and put in so I can show you our dining room!

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    It is always good to find ways in maximizing space in your laundry room. Building some storage given such a small space will always be a good idea. But just do take note to allow some space, too, when you need to have some maintenance of the washing machine. Otherwise, you just have to dismantle it again, resulting to damaging the DIY storage.


    2 years ago

    I had to make a custom cabinet for my laundry room too. I went everywhere that sold preimade cabinets, and I looked at them all. I did not see anything suitable. I wanted something that just fit the empty space next to the machines. Yeah well, finding that was never going to happen. But I still had to look everywhere first, to prove it to myself. So I finally broke down and just bought two Melamine covered sheets. I made a cabinet that just fits in the space I needed it to fit in too. It looks like all of the commercial ones do, except it actually fits. It has a toe kick, and a back splash. I even edge banded the cut pieces. So it really looks like one of those came out of a box cabinets. It is just a bit larger than everything I saw was. You probably couldn't get a nickel between the washer, and it. I've never had anything fall in a gap. That was the goal of the job. No gap.

    It is one of those projects I never took any pictures of. One of those git 'er done deals I suppose. I did it so long ago now I don't even remember how I put it all together. I made it before I got my Kreg jig, so I don't think I pocket holed it? Although if I had it to do all over again that is definitely the way I'd go now. I might have biscuitted it. I used to hand cut pocket holes too. Which was a pain.

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    A Kreg jig has been on my wishlist for a long time! I have a birthday coming up in February and I'm really hoping someone will get it for me (dropping lots of hints) if no one gets for me I'm just going to have to buy one for myself. Its not impossible to make decent builds without it but it sure is nice to have! I much prefer using things I can pick up at the salvage depot or already have but in some instances its just not possible to do anything but from scratch!

    Initially I thought it must have been quite an eyesore to have the laundry room as part of the dining area. However, as I went along with this instructable, I find that nothing is impossible as long as you remain creative in concealing the mess while displaying the genius like how you have utilized that cute little curtain detail. This is an awesome project which I would definitely try out for the garage.

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    Thank you! I think it did come out looking pretty nice! The closet itself also has doors on it so when you're in the dining room you just see the closet doors so its not a terrible eye sore.

    Very nice!

    I've never seen a washer/dryer combo before, and I'm kind of amazed by that. Seems like a brilliant idea!

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    Thank you! Yeah, we're very happy with it actually! It uses a lot less energy (it only requires a basic outlet as opposed to a dryer that requires much more electricity to run) and it doesn't vent outside so we didn't have to cut a hole in the side of the house! I don't know if it would be good for large families, it definitely takes longer to clean and dry then two separate units and we have to do smaller loads but, with just the two of us, we're very happy with it! :) Thanks again!