Built (NEW CYCLE) From Old Spare Parts

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Hello friends...today i am goin to upload my new DIY CYCLE project............

-thin robe
-tooth brush
-tennis ball tape
-scotch tape

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Step 1: Get Old Parts....

All the things are available at bicycle repairing shop .You can buy all things there.I just got new gear because it was not avalible at the shop.I can't buy old gear.And you can also upgrade your cycle into 7gears.

Step 2: Cleaning Old Parts

I have used karosine oil to clean all the parts.you can also use petrol.you will need a toooth brush to clean deep holes.
Take a bowl and add quater of karosine oil/patrol.take tooth brush and start doing ur work.

Step 3: Cleaned Parts

I have taken some pictures of cleaned parts.There are some of them.I really surprised when i done it at first time,because i never have seen any person doing such thing.But the reality is that many people do it, to make their cycle get new look.But i get old parts from repairing shop and make new cycle.i really enjoyed doing it.You will enjoy doing it.iI have seen many people who upload things alike HOW TO PAINT A BIKE,HOW TO MAKE NEW BICYCLE.....and bla bla bla.But i get old parts from cycle repairing shop and got a new bicycle under 1000-1600 PKR RS.i have got many offers from other peoples to get them new bicycle just like this.This is little bit hard work.

Step 4: Adding Greese

One more important thing that if you not add gresse it will harm your barings, and u will have to pay for that surely.I will recommend you to add handfull of gresse into your rotating parts,barings and moving parts.

Step 5: Spraying and Assembling

Well sorry for that.I got deleated some of my cycle painted pics.once again sorry.:'........

And now it's time to paint and assemble ur cycle.In this part of project u will need sou can see them in pics posted bellow.One more important thing is that when u will be spraying RIMs keep one thing in mind that do not spray outer side of RIM because the brakes of cycle are attached at the outer side of RIMS,and donot spray on chain and gear of the cycle.I have added tenis ball tape on the handle of cycle.

Step 6: Finalizing

This is final part of project. I was so excited on this day because i was finalizing the cycle.plzzz comment on it.If there is anything that u can't understand then plz reply..BEST OF LUCK.

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