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Introduction: Bulb LED

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Film represents how to replace halogenous bulb. LED new bulb will be executed from diodes joint suitably and soldered toghether. The patern of connections in film be placed



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    and also tell me what are the component required for that.

    sir i want to make led bulbs in different ranger like 2w,4w,8w,12w........

    so, please send me the circuit diagram of led bulbs as per their specification.

    i am finding it from a month so please help me to develop led bulb.

    Email id.-nitinshahu37@gmail.com

    I think your method of attaching the 5mm LEDs is very smart. These 5mm LEDs are getting brighter each year, thanks to technology advances. Thanks for the presentation!

    Using 5mm LEDs for illumination is never a good idea. and I bet they are dim like night lamps.

    You could try hooking a few 3 W leds in there. I will be good if the metal body can be used as heatsink as well.

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    You are right . Idea came into being as the LED of power was not in production yet. They for some time will think up different source of light surely and LED will be obsolete.

    I bought in electronic shop these LED. We can buy in internet shops also. I do not command in internet purchase personally because not all tradesmen pass parameters square.

    What a good idea. I have a lamp equal to that. Thanks for sharing.

    I have bought quite a few of these desk lamps. They put out around 12v AC. I use a diode bridge and smooth it. Then I get around 16v DC. I then use 3w or 5w LED on it with a driver accordingly. One has now even a variable volt outtake. Sometimes I only use the transformer for some project. These lamps are ver cheap and one can use them in a wide variety of ways.

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    The use the graetza has this advantage, that the flicker does not be catch the LED through apparatus in tact of frequency of net. The LED of power have better dispersion the bundle of light. LED which used served to highlighting panel LCD. it Became them a bit so I used it. Opposed connection prevents damage LED reinforced AC and flicker softens.