Bullet Casing Mini Tank

In this instuctable I will show you how to make a mini scale table top tank made of spent bullet casings.

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Step 1: the Materials Needed

You will need:
- 13 spent 22. Bullet casings
- 11 spent 22. Mag Bullet casings
- hot glue gun

You should only need half to 1/4 of a glue stick to make this and it is very cheap.

Step 2: the Wheels and Body Part Ensemble

Take one 22. Mag and one 22. Shell and put them inside on another. Be sure to place the short 22. Shell front first into the inside of the 22. Mag front. Don't worry if it goes in tight because you won't be needing to take them back out.

Step 3: The Body Ensemble

Hot glue 4 pairs of 22. Mag and 22. Next to one another creating a table or square shape flat surface. When you have let the glue cool. Glue 4 more pairs on the bottom this time going left to right making a # design. When you finish take 1 pair of shells and place it between the bottom and top layers of the tank body like shown above and repeat for both sides. This will create the look of a tread like wheel on the bottom of your tank body.

Step 4: Building the (Not So Big) Big Gun on Top

Place the main body aside and take 3 22. Shorts and a 22. Mag and glue them together. To do this place two 22. Shorts on the bottom and glue a 22. Mag on top so that the fronts all face the same way. When the glue dries glue a 22. Short on the front of the 22. Mag so that you can see the front of the 22. Short

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Glue the little big gun on top of the main body as shown in the picture. If you want the gun lifted like mine make sure to elevate the one side with a bead of glue.

Step 6: Final Product

And there it is your very own mini scale bullet casing tank. As you can see this was made after an actual tank mini scale. If you feel your needed to add more to this project feel free to do so since this is just a basic version. Also please comment your opinion and vote.

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    4 years ago

    I ask added an antennae

    15, 1:17 PM.jpg

    4 years ago

    Overall a great build. I used 357 mag for the sake of laziness and convenience though.


    4 years ago

    Same here


    5 years ago

    The glue was a little overkill since my glue gun was an inferno melter ( really really hot) but other than that I think it turned out great as well.