Homemade .22 Round




This is a bullet from a used .22 casing for my paper gun that I made

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Step 1: Modify the Casing

Get a used .22 casing, and using a small nail, hammer it in the back of the cartridge making a small hole as shown

Step 2: Make Armstrong Mixture

There are already plenty of videos on YouTube how to make this mix, just grind up strike anywhere matches into a fine powder. I recomend only 5.

Step 3: Add It to the Casing

Add this mixture into the casing, compress it with a nail, and make sure some filled up the hole in the back

Step 4: Making the Bullet

Take a dowl, one a little smaller than the casing, then super glue paper around it and sand it until it is a very snug fit in the casing.

Step 5: Primer

Take the powder out of a roll cap and lay it on back of casing. Put aluminum tape over it, then your done!

Step 6: Test

For a wooden bullet, their is quite a bit of force behind it, especially for a low pressure round. You can always add up to 10 match heads which would prabably penetrate through the wood.

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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago on Step 6

    I would like to see the effects of it when fired at different materials


    6 years ago

    @GorillazMiko yeah you can check out my YouTube channel chubmcy17 I have a shooting test on their and another paper gun.