Bullet Ipod Stand

srry for not making an instructable, but, somthing possesed me to make this, and for some reason I added it here. (mainly because i have a month until summers over and its back to high school{GOD I CAN'T WAIT}.)
NOTE: If anyone likes it or the concept ill make an instructable.
Things used :
1.bullets- around 75 to100 made of a mix of .45 cal .40 cal ad 9mm
2.CD - 1
3.Ipod cord.... - The new ones (the ones that don't have the side tabs for removal)



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Too true, he also used WAAAAAY too much hot glue. I could have made a better one and I'm in Junior High. I think I'll make one this summer in fact =).