Bullet Shell Screwdriver




For this simple instructable, I take an empty bullet shell an turn it until a very useful pocket tool.

Step 1: Supplies

The first thing you're going to need to do is gather you supplies. You will need epoxy, an empty bullet shell, a philips head screw driver drill bit. 

Step 2: Mix the Epoxy

Mix the epoxy with a Q-tip. Make sure you don't let it touch your hands and open a window. This stuff is like smelly super glue.

Step 3: Inserting the Drill Bit

Rub the epoxy all over the part of the drill bit that would usually be inside the drill. Place the drill bit inside the empty shell with the screw driver part sticking out, It should fit snugly.

Step 4: Finished!

Now you're finished!!! Be sure to allow 24 hours for the epoxy to cure.

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6 years ago on Introduction

You might want to consider placing a metal rod in the shell before gluing the tip in place. This would give the tip more support when you're applying a lot of force to a stubborn screw.

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The Fettler

6 years ago on Introduction

I want to "be nice" but I have such a problem with somehow ligitamising the use of firearems....


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6 years ago on Step 2

You need to be careful when playing around with cotton (Q-Tip) and (super) glue. The Cyanoacrylate could combust instantanously.
Polishing the brass casing is always cool too.
What kind casing are you using? Glorious 7.62x54R?

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6 years ago on Introduction

I tried shooting it at screw from my AK-47 but it didn't work...

Originally I was worried about that but I haven't had a lot of problems with that. I'm sure it could become an issue after a while, but usually the screws are hard for a couple seconds of twisting before they become loose and easy. I can almost always keep a firm grip on it long enough to turn it.

Have you thought about making a fake hollow "bullet" to use as a cap so it looks better when not being used? Or perhaps painting the screwdriver brass or copper so it blends in and looks like a bullet?

A hollow bullet cap would be cool but I would lose it the first time I took it off, and it might not be easy to make it look realistic. If I wanted to make it look like a real unfired rifle round I would probably start over with a different shell and epoxy the drill bit sticking out farther. I would paint the bit before I epoxied it and try and find a bit that fit tighter inside the shell. The round used in this instructable is from a Mosen Nagant