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I like making things out of recycled materials, and decided to share this way of making a whistle out of used bullet shells.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials

Tools you will need:

1) A vice

2) One rough file

3) One fine file

4) Side cutters

Materials you will need:

1) A small piece of cardboard

2) One .22 bullet shell

3) One 223 Rem bullet shell

Step 2: Filing

First, wrap your 223 Rem bullet shell in the cardboard so it won't get scratched. Then, put it in the vice. File a hole in it with the rough file, then remove the shell from the vice and smooth the hole with the fine file.

Step 3: The .22 Bullet Shell

Now on to the .22 bullet shell. Put your .22 shell into your side cutters (or into a vice) and file the end off until you can see all the way through the bullet shell. Using the fine file, file the end of the shell smooth.

Step 4: Finishing the Whistle

Lastly, using the side cutters, cut a narrow strip into the .22 bullet shell 2-3 millimetres long. Now, bend the metal strip into the shell (look at the photos). Then insert the .22 bullet shell into the 223 Rem bullet shell. You might need to wiggle the .22 shell around inside the 223 Rem shell to get a decent whistle when you blow into it. File all the rough edges smooth using the fine file. I hope you enjoyed this instructable! Happy making!



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ST NZRonaldH6

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That's ok. I'm glad you could understand it!

ST NZRonaldH6

Reply 2 years ago

Thanks for commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you need any tips or help, you just contact me. :)