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Introduction: Bullet Earring

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Last week i went on a picnic with my family and i found some bullets shells, i thought how can i recycle those into something cool and i came up with this: bullets earrings.

In this guide I will teach you how to recycle bullets shells and make cool earnings which can be an amazing gift.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

What you need:
-Bullet shell, it is very important that you use a used bullet and not one that you disassembled cause there will still be explosive material in it (the primer part). If you cannot distinguish between these two do not attempt this or ask someone who will manage to define.
-An old earring or a new cheap one that you don't need, it is better if it is a flat one or one that has a flat metallic base like in the earring i bought (step 2).
-Super glue
Tools: drill, pliers, saw, file sand paper and polish paper.

Step 2: Disassembling the Earring

As you can see in the above photo we need only the metallic part of the earring. Use pliers to disassemble the earring. if you use a small flat earring you can skip this step.

Step 3: Sawing the Bullet

I repeat my warning from the introduction Do not use live bullets.

Now, put the bullet in your drill with its bottom outside (pic 3).

Activate the drill when your saw is on the crack in the bullets bottom (pic 4).

When you are finished you should have something that looks like picture No.5.

You can attempt this step without a drill but i highly recommend using one.

Step 4: Sanding and Polishing

After sawing, use the sand paper and the file to flatten the side we cut. Use the polish paper to make the other side shiny.

Step 5: Finishing Up

If you turn the bullet bottom you will see a small hole. Fill it with glue and press on it with the part that we took from the earring. Hold it for a few seconds and leave it for a minute for complete dry. You can stop here but there is a small addition i added that makes the result looks completely different. Glue a small stone to the middle of the earring like in the picture above.

And here you have it Bullets earrings.

Step 6: That's It

I hope you enjoyed this guide, if you have any questions I will answer them happily.

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    22 Discussions

    Nice way to reuse/repurpose castoffs. I especially love the addition of the flat gem glued on to the center. Thrilled that you included the safety warning.

    A couple of suggestions:

    1. clean the bullet end really well after sawing and filing. soap and water, then alcohol.
    2. E6000 glue also works well for adhering the earring back to the casing end.
    3. clear nail polish applied to the front and back of the casing after gluing will help seal the shined finish, and lessen the possible development of sensitivity to the metal.
    4. wear safety glasses and leather gloves when using the power tools. The casing and saw blade could get pretty hot when you are done. And make sure that the drill is spinning to come UP toward the direction of the angles of the teeth on the sawblade. Elsewise you may be trying to cut that casing end off for a looooong time. ;-)

    Keep those tuts coming!

    4 replies

    thanks a lot. I agree with you about safety gloves and glasses I'll add it. About the warning of using live bullets, you see black powder isn't the only explosive in the bullets, there is another material that I don't know how to pronounce in English. This material only ignites when the bullet is shot so taking out the black powder isn't enough. You can see the difference between a used bullet to a live one in the bottom of it. A one that was shot will have a small hole exactly where we put the jem. I'll search for a picture in Google and post for you to see the difference

    I guess you mean the primer? :) The small part in the rear that send a small ignition spark for the gunpowder? :)

    Great tutorial!

    Something I thought was clear that I wanted to mention anyway, the explosive material in the bottom will ignite also by friction and heat that is why you must not use live ones, let me know if you have any other questions:-)

    sweet, looks good, i think my only obsticle will be finding the bullet casing.

    i live in Europe, if that helps for ideas where i can get one from.

    Yeah i think it might be harder in Europe, if you know someone with license you can ask them for one...

    That should work too, try looking for clubs in your area, i believe that if you will ask one they will give you, these are really cheap so theres should not be a problem.

    guess what!! i was walking in the woods, when i saw something glint at me through a pile of dead leaves, i had a closer look, an i found a bullet. one problem, its a whole bullet, not just the casing :/

    any ideas??

    Cool which bullet is it? mmm... I think I know what I would do, but it's kinda dangerous and I'm not sure it's a good idea to recommend doing it...have you tried asking gun clubs?

    Try searching in the area there might be some more

    Wow I like this. Quite an interesting way to cut off the edge.

    What type of glue did you use?

    1 reply

    I used super glue for this one but I'm sure epoxy glue will work as well