Bulli Pumpkin





I want to show you how to make a Bulli pumpkin.

Bulli is a popular name for VW T1 - the coolest mini van in a history, produced between 1950 - 1967.

if you look at the front of the car you can see very nice "face" which is great inspiration for a Halloween pumpkin!

Step 1: Preparation

To make a Bulli pumpkin you need:

- nice round pumpkin

- a snap-off knife

- small kitchen knife

- round object ( it can be wire, file, screwdriver or so)

- a spoon

Of course it would be much easier to use a Dremel tools, but it is also a lot of fun doing it only with very simple hand tools!

Step 2: Shaping

First you have to draw a shape off all elements that will be cut. The best is to use pencil or ball pen - that leaves gentle and light lines, because at the very end you have to remove them. You can use marker but it i very hard to remove.

After all elements are drown, you can start with making holes in all the corners - it will help a lot in cutting out the windows.

Then with snap-off blade connect appropriate holes. BE CAREFUL - pumpkin is hard and when you push too hardly you can go too far or even hurt yourself.! It is better to make a few smaller cuts than one deep.

Headlights it is easier to make with small kitchen knife, just by rotating it.

Step 3: Make It Empty

Now use the spoon to remove pumpkin's guts :)

You have to be very patient and gentle so window frames are not destroyed.

Step 4: Final Touch

With snap-off knife remove pumpkin's skin from the upper part of the "car"

Step 5: The Light

The last step is to put any kind of light inside the Bulli!

As the top is not removable it is best to drop inside battery with a small LED. It is also safer than a candle!




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    2 years ago

    true beauty


    Fun. I think that this is actually the first car jack o lantern that I have seen.