Bumbag for Your Armor

Introduction: Bumbag for Your Armor

About: 16yrs old. Building Armor out of Aluminium. From Germany. Love to all my Followers and Likers! <3

You want a simple bag für your Belt? Easy going, just follow the steps ^^

You will need

  • Scissors

  • imitation leather
  • Cardboard
  • Hotglue or stronger

Step 1: Get Things Started

Take your leather and draw a concept on it, also dont forget to leave some space at the edges, you will need it later.

you need 6 sides + one strap

Then simply cut it out. If thats done prepare a Box out of Cardboard. Maybe you have a finished one.

Step 2:

Either you glue your Leather on the Box or you sew the leather together and put the box in for stabilization.

If you attach a loop at the bag you can easily thread the Box on your belt.

I used Pattex 100% repair gel for attachin the leather on the box, but you can use whatever you prefer.

I wrapped some rubber rings over the box, so the glue can dry.

If you want to store things in the box, just keep sure, one side of the cardboardbox is open. Then you can attach velcro at the strap.

The best thing about this: You can change the look, the shape and the size easily, so my box is just an example, keep being creative :)

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5 years ago

As soon as I looked at the pic i new it was mandalorian armor I'm currently making my own set and this was helpful.