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Intro: Bumbelbee House

The bumblebees are so impressive, they are the first pollinators out in the spring when it's still really cold in the air.

You will not find a bee out when it rains but that does not stop the bumblebees.

But the bumblebees have a hard time due to us humans so we need to help them survive.

This bumblebee house is more or less a bird house that is "bumblebeefied". : )

Step 1: Materials

Plank (width around 17 cm ) and around 1,2 meter long

Plywood for roof and bottom (17*21 and 17*30 centimeter)


Pipe (1,5*40 cm)





Measure stick

Drill (1,5 cm)

Step 2: Assemble

Saw the sides according to the sketch in step 1, Materials.

Then screw the sides together. I pre drill to avoid the wood from breaking before screwing.

Then saw the roof and bottom parts and attach them as well.

I put the roof so that the most of the over hang is in the front but some of it is in the back.

I saw of a piece in the middle back of the roof so I can add the piece of wood for suspension.

Screw the suspension piece in place.

Step 3: Paint

I wanted to paint the bumblebee hotel as a traditional swedish cottage(picture from google) so I start by taping the sides, to later paint in white) and then I painted it in Falu rödfärg (a red calcimine).

The roof is painted in black color for outside use.

Step 4: Opening

Drill a hole 1,5 cm wide and then glue the pipe in place. The bumblebees want a long entrance to get the feel of a hole in the ground to crawl into.

Step 5: Sign

Every bumblebee hotel with self respect needs a sign : )

I make a sketch on baking paper for my sign.

I paint the wood piece white, and then trace the sketch onto the wood.

Paint the sign to your liking and then screw the sign in place.




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