Bumpy Crochet Dishcloth

Introduction: Bumpy Crochet Dishcloth

These are the best thing that will ever be created during TV time
Super simple and useful
All you need is.....
A ball of cotton yarn
Your favorite crochet hook (mine is 5.5mm)
2 basic stitches

Step 1: Foundation Chain

Chain 26

Step 2: Rows 1

Double crochet in 2nd chain from hook
Single crochet in next chain
Double crochet in next chain
Repeat this pattern until the end
Chain 1 and turn

Step 3: Row 2

The chain 1 from the previous row counts as the first stitch
Double crochet in both loops of single crochet in previous row
Single crochet in both loops if double crochet in previous row
Repeat until the end
Chain 3 and turn

Step 4: Maintaining Pattern

Row 1 and Row 2 will be repeated throughout for 20 rows in all
If the row ended in a double, chain 1
If the row ended in a single, chain 3
The doubles will always be stitched into the tops of singles and the singles will always be stitched in the tops of doubles

Step 5: Finishing

When the 20th row is complete, the 2 "ends" will be in opposite corners
Using a yarn needle, weave in the ends.......
and get to washing those dishes, you dirty hippie !!!!!!! (~);}

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    4 years ago

    Fun and the pattern is lovely. Thanks!


    4 years ago

    Thank you, my first one :)