Bunk Bed Hack




Introduction: Bunk Bed Hack

We wanted to give my son more privacy in his shared room. We saw a similar hack on Instructables, but it had no instructions. Hope this will inspire you to create one!

It has been so popular that we are modifying the older boys bed to have a similar set up. Success.

Step 1: Stain the Pieces First

We used IKAE stain. Two coats. I added a poly finish.

Step 2: Locate Braces and Top Rails

Flip the top bunk rail so that the short side is at the top. Drill one additional hole for attaching bed rail.

Line up your cross braces. I used three for the head board to hold the pillows.

Step 3: Assembly

You should completely assemble and check all now drill holes before final assembly.

Check top and bottom slats. This project uses two sets of mattress rails for the top and one set for the bottom. 3 sets total.

Step 4: Curtains

We used a wire rail system from IKEA. Mount on inside of top rails.

Curtains are an IKEA fabric. One inch sewn seam around all sides. We split the min curtain into two pieces and a single panel fro the end.

We useda rod for the end panel. That one does not open and close.

Step 5: Ta Da

Step 6: Switched From Curtain Clips to Grommets

We found that the curtains would pull out of the clips on the main panels. I switched to grommets and re hung the curtains. Much better.

Step 7: Look Inside

We added a small fan to the headboard as it gets stuffy with the curtains closed.

I hacked an IKEA bathroom shelf to add storage space. The stickers are from IKEA also.

We added more cross bases to support the monitor. We glued the top pieces down except for the last three. That allows us to access the top for cables and stuff.



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This is sort of what I did with my kids bunk bed. But I just left it as is and added the curtain to close up the bottom bed. Takes about 5 minutes. But the top bunk is still usable. I may have to do this though, once the kids stop sharing a room.

This is exactly what I did in my college dorm room but I used black sheets so I could sleep in on weekends.

Great build, I would be checking for spiders though the curtain top look like a prime nesting place for them

Yup... This is great... I love tiny, private, cozy spaces.... double plus good...

I love this! I have four brothers and sisters and would have went nuts over this growing up. :D Honestly, I still kinda want one. It looks like a great reading cave!

Now it just needs a little kitchenette and bathroom and there's no reason to ever get out of bed!

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Ha. My son already suggested getting a dorm fridge and microwave to put next to it. Nope. :-)