Bunny Gill - Streamer Fly

Introduction: Bunny Gill - Streamer Fly

I am an avid fly fisherman, and started a fly fishing channel where I tie flies and video myself ...

Blue gills are some of the top food sources for some large freshwater predatory fish like bass, trout, pike, and walleye. Bluegill are in almost every lake and pond across america and most of the world. They have a yellow and bright orange belly with an olive back. The olive color rabbit zonker has stripes on it in order to imitate the stripes on the back of these baitfish. Also the dubbing colors will imitate the bluegills belly colors. It also swims really nicely with lots of movement.

Hook: Daiichi 1750 - Size 10
Thread: Ultra Thread 70 - Burnt Orange
Tail: Olive and white marabou
Top Body: Olive barred bunny zonker
Body Wrap: Bull Frog Dubbing - White, yellow hopper, and caddis orange.
Eye: 4mm 3D eyes
Eye adhesive: Fletch Tight
Head Building: Solarez "Thin Hard" UV curing resin



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