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Hi, this is my first instructable, so please be kind :)

Sorry for the english... :/

Follow the instructions to get your very own bunny out of socks.

It's quit easy, since the heel of the sock is perfect for making both a bunny face and a bunny bottom :)

Good luck!!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

For this craft, you will need:

* A pair of socks

* Eyes, I have used both pearls, buttons and toy eyes

* A needle

* Thread

* Scissors

* Material to padd it with, I use the inside of the cheapest IKEA pillow, then the toys will also be washable :)

* Optional - The top part of a sock in other color.

* Optional - fake eyelashes and glue

Step 2: Feet

Start by turning one of the socks inside out.

Cut of the upper part of the sock, about 3 cm from the heel(which will form the bottom, then cut a line in the middle of the sock towards the heel to make a pair of feet/legs.

Sew it together to form the feet.

Step 3: Body

Cut the toe part of from the sock.

Turn it inside out and make sure to make the feet pop out.

Fill the body with padding and then sew the top together.

Step 4: Tail

Take the toe part that you just cut of the "body sock".

Sew a line, just above where the heal ends, so it forms a ball.

Fill it with padding and pull it together to form the ball.

Cut of excess fabric about 5 mm from the sewing.

Then sew the tail to the back of the body.

Step 5: Ears

The ankle part of the sock will become ears.

Turn it inside out and cut it into two pieces length wise.

Cut to form the top to a round shape and sew each ear together. Turn the outside in again.

Step 6: Head

Now it's time for the other sock.

Put the sock inside out and center it over the heel.

Cut of the feet part of the sock like a half circle around the heel. This is the top of the head.

Put in the ears (note, the ears need to be right side out).

If your socks, like mine have a very thick elastic you may cut it of as I did, it makes the ears a little shorter, but it's easier to work with.

Then sew it together. Turn the sock right side out a voila, a very slim bunny head! :)

Step 7: Fill Head and Attach to Body

Fill the head with padding and be sure to pack it so the heel is really full.

Sew it together to form the head

Cut away about 5 mm from the sewing to get rid of extra fabric.

Sew the head on the body, be sure to center it.

Now it starts to look like a bunny.

Step 8: Sweater

If you don't want the sweater, just sew the arms directly on the body.

Pull the "sweater" over the head. I folded the elastic down to make the impression of a turtle neck.

Adjust the length of the sweater if necessary (some socks may need to be tacked)

Sew arms on the sweater. Just pull the thread really heard to make it sink in to the sock and make the illusion of arms and hands in pockets.

Step 9: Eyes

Start by sewing a thread through the head where you want the eyes to be.

Pull the thread heard to make the eyes sink in a little into the face.

Then sew the eyes on (pearls, buttons or toy eyes all works fine! )

Be sure to secure them properly to make sure that kids don't can't get them off!!!

Step 10: Eyelashes

To really make the eyes pop - take a pair of fake eyelashes and cut it to match the size of the bunny eyes.

Glue them in place

Step 11: Inspiration (bunny Friends)

Well, here is just a bunch of friends to our bunny, all unique in their own way ;)

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ali kj

2 years ago

very beautiful.........i like it ♥♥♥

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2 years ago

These are too cute! Great first instructable :)

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