Burglar Alarm With IR Sensor



Introduction: Burglar Alarm With IR Sensor

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It is simple burglar alarm using ir sensor .

when any thing come near ir led & photo diode ,ir ray reflect and relay on then buzzer active

video on youtube

Step 1: You Need to Make This Project

IR proximity sensor

single channel relay module (5v)

small breadboard


old mobile phone battery or any other battery( 3.7v)

jumper wire

cabinet box ( I use soap case )

Step 2: Connection

keep ir module in digital mode.

connect ir module out to relay in pin

vcc to vcc & gnd to gnd .

now connect buzzer to relay & gnd

now supply with battery via bread board

Step 3: Fit to a Cabinet

fit all components in a small case.I use small soap case

now test it & enjoy

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