Burlap Boxes

Introduction: Burlap Boxes

What you need: 
Styrofoam board (about 1" thick)
Brown or tan felt
Burlap (I got about a yard from a local fabric store)
Elmers glue or hot glue
Push pins or nails for hanging

1) Start by deciding what you want to say and how many boxes you will need. 
This is perfect for different rooms of the house, you could use a few boxes to put initials in a bedroom or more boxes to spell out full words like "home", "kitchen", "study", etc. 

2) Once you have the right number of boxes in mind, cut out an 8.5 inch x 8.5 inch square in the styrofoam for each box. 
I used a pen to draw out the boxes onto the styrofoam and then cut them out using a knife. The edges don't need to be perfect because you will be covering them later!

3) Then cut an 8.5 inch x 8.5 inch piece of brown/tan felt and glue onto one side of the styrofoam. If the felt hangs off or isn't quite long enough that's okay, it is just used as a background for the burlap. You can even change up the colors here to offer different backgrounds for the burlap, I chose tan because it matched the look I was going for. 

4) Cut burlap squares to cover the styrofoam blocks. Measure the burlap before you cut it and make sure it covers the felted side of the box and all off the sides before cutting. I used about 2" extra on each side (I cut 10.5 inch x 10.5 inch t).

5) Once you have cut your burlapwrap it around the styrofoam block and tape/staple it to the back. I stapled the burlap to the back and reinforced it with masking tape. I would staple the top and bottom and then the sides. The burlap should wrap around the styrofoam similarly to how wrapping paper wraps around a gift. 

6) Finally, use sharpie or paint to write, draw, or decorate your burlap box. 
The bolder the colors and thicker the brush or tip, the better the result will be, but you can put pictures, letters, numbers, or just about anything here. I used black sharpie and chose to do outlines of letters only because it looked best on the burlap. 

7) Hanging the blocks is so easy! 
I simply put push pins in the wall and then forced the styrofoam blocks onto them, they are super light-weight so they stay up and you don't have to worry about them falling or hurting anyone, and because they're styrofoam, they are easily pushed onto a pushpin, tack, or nail in the wall. 

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